What is remote flight sim coaching?

Share your screen with a flight instructor. Receive professional coaching & quickly reach your aviation goals.

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How can remote coaching help you?

Avoid spending hours watching YouTube tutorials. Accelerate your learning with friendly assistance tailored to your needs.

Real-world pilots/students

Flight sim enthusiasts

About your Flight Sim Coach

Welcome! My name is Mike, and I’m a former airline pilot & Boeing engineer. I’ve been a desktop flight sim user since 2000, and experienced first-hand the profound benefits they can have on real-world flight training. I am passionate about helping pilots and enthusiasts alike use desktop simulation to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

FAA certificates & ratings: ATP (airline transport pilot), CFI (certified flight instructor), CFII (instrument flight instructor), AGI (advanced ground instructor), IGI (instrument ground instructor), tailwheel endorsement. Embraer 175/195 type rated.

Aircraft flown: Embraer E-175; Cessna C172, 172RG, 150, 152, 182, 182RG; Piper PA-23, 28, 30, 32, 34, 46, and J-3 cub; Mooney M20; Cirrus SR-20; Beechcraft BE-77, 76, 95; and Citabria 7KCAB

Instructor partners

I have partnered with several other certified flight instructors with significant flight simulation experience, to help provide robust availability and allow you to learn from multiple perspectives.

For more information, please contact us to discuss availability for consultations and coaching sessions.

David Chambers

Qualifications: UK Flight Instructor (Unrestricted, Night) and Instrument Rating Instructor

Chris Stalica

Qualifications: FAA CFI/CFII; CE-510S type rated

Featured coaching offerings

  • Custom session (1.5 hours)

    A single 1.5 hour (90 minute) lesson of custom-tailored training to meet your needs as a real-world pilot or simulator enthusiast
    Full refund if you’re not satisfied

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  • Private pilot starter package (6 hours)

    This package is designed for brand new student pilots who want to get the biggest bang for their buck from their desktop flight simulator.

    4 fundamentals, basic aircraft control,…

    $295.00 Add to cart
  • Custom training package (6 hours)

    A 6 hour block of custom-tailored training to meet your needs as a real-world pilot or simulator enthusiast
    Check out the Training Modules page for inspiration on the various…

    $295.00 Add to cart

“It’s like having a CFI on call for simmers…”

“…This will save you money, trust me.”


"In my first session with Mike, we used a sim flight from KDEN to KASE to go over the subtleties and challenges of flying a SID from a Class B to a challenging mountain airport using the G1000 flight planning and autopilot.

In addition to being a commercial pilot, Mike has an extensive knowledge of X-Plane. I learned a lot of new X-Plane tricks like speeding up the sim to bypass sections of the flight not relevant to the training goals, how to video tape and retrieve your flight with actual instrument readings from each moment of the flight, activating an approach vs. a leg, and the use of VNAV in departures and approaches. We also discussed how to best handle autopilot settings with ATC vectors that deviate from the SID.

Can't say enough about Mike's knowledge and teaching skills. It's like having a CFI on call for simmers, as well as those training for their PPL or Instrument Ratings. His fees are super reasonable. Serious simmers and pilots in training are fortunate to have this resource available!"

Scott F.
Flight sim enthusiast

"I realized that it would be a great idea to have a real instructor somehow next to me. I found Mike’s website with exactly the services I was looking for - remote flight sim instruction. I have already had three lessons with Mike who is a real world CFI. I would like to say thank you to him and here is why.

Mike is a good coach with a great flying experience. He really works hard and he is a professional at what he does. He provides lots of theory and practice knowledge.

He has built a clear training plan for me based on my requirements, which we follow.

Remote sim training is a rather new service in the market, but Mike has organized the whole process very efficiently.

Of course, there is huge difference between sim and the real plane. However, in sim you can learn how to do the exercises and to do them correctly, you can study and learn most of the in-air procedures, you can correct your mistakes and train your muscle memory.

I would recommend this service to all real-life student pilots. Moreover, this will save you money, believe me."

Student pilot

"As a long-time aviation enthusiast and casual flight simmer, my lack of understanding of flight planning, ATC communications and essential aeronautical knowledge was detracting from my simming experience. Sure, it’s fun to try to land the space shuttle or hand fly the B738 or C172 cross country, but at some point, you may grow bored of flying without purpose.

The worldwide shift to virtual and remote learning made me wonder if anyone was offering any form of online video conferencing for flight simulator instruction. My search led me to and I reached out for more info. Mike responded instantly and we set up a brief videoconference to discuss learning goals and test the screensharing. Two of my goals were to learn to operate the aircraft properly and to learn to fly IFR so that I could fly with on PilotEdge. My first 90 minute session flew by. Mike is a very practical, efficient and patient teacher.

Within a few sessions, I was interpreting ILS approach charts, confidently operating my GPS to navigate IFR routes and practicing my comms with Mike providing me live ATC service. With some assigned homework between sessions and limited independent study, I have a much better understanding of the IFR system and how to follow many of the procedures that real IFR pilots use everyday. With lots and lots of practice, I am now comfortable to communicate with ATC.

I’ve already completed several IFR flights on a simulated ATC network and I am flying with much more confidence. When I run into concepts or procedures that don’t make sense to me, Mike is super helpful with detailed explanations and great references. It is obvious how passionate he is about flight instruction.

If you are an aviation enthusiast like me, remote coaching will make your simming experience much more enjoyable. If you are a future or current student pilot, remote flight coaching with Mike will save you thousands of dollars without having to leave the safety of your home office.

It has been a great experience to learn from Mike. While he has given me the training to get myself up and running, I will be sticking with him to broaden my knowledge and skills moving forward."

Flight sim enthusiast

Free consultation. Sign up with confidence.

If you would like to take the first step, I welcome you to sign up for a free 20 minute consultation call. This will allow me to:

Check your sim setup

While no special software is required, it's always helpful to do a dry-run to check for any issues. This will also be a chance for me to understand your simulator setup and what equipment and add-ons you use.

Discuss your goals and determine what package is right for you

I'll discuss my recommendations for how remote sim coaching may or may not benefit your situation, and determine the most cost-effective training plan to meet your needs.

Note: At the moment, I am not able to take on new clients or consultations. However, I will be happy to connect you with one of my instructor partners. Please email me at for more info.

Ready to begin lessons?

Buy with confidence. I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied after your first lesson. 

Individual Session

4 Lesson (6 hr) Pack

Recommended for most customers to achieve best results.


An exclusive offering for the most serious members of the student pilot and flight sim communities. An intense replication of a full private pilot or instrument rating syllabus.

Limited availability!

Note: Average real-world lesson cost based on a $150 per hour aircraft rental cost plus $60 per hour flight instructor.

Not what you're looking for?

Looking for a lower-cost option? Check out my interactive small group sessions, starting at only $25 per session.