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About Mike

The key to your simulator training saving you money (and avoiding bad habits) is to have a high-quality, experienced instructor by your side.

My experience with flight simulation began early on. In third grade, a routine trip to a local department store turned into a life-changing experience.

A flight simulator in the game section called ProPilot caught my eye, and with the persuasiveness of a 9 year old, I managed to convince my mom to buy the game.

My intense obsession with this computer program worried my mom. “Don’t you ever think about becoming a pilot!” she warned me, as if becoming a pilot would be a sure death sentence.

Looking at the photo of me and my mom in the flight deck, you can see what happens when you tell a 9 year old to not do something!

I owe my life to flight simulation. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the life-changing experiences of becoming a private pilot at age 17, flight instructing throughout the US, designing new flight deck technologies at Boeing, and flying Embraer jets throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Today, my passion lies with teaching – and helping others utilize their flight simulators to achieve their goals.

Whether you’re a student pilot trying to save money on your flight training, or a flight sim enthusiast trying to maximize the realism of your flight sim experience, there’s a training plan for you.

I have 10 years of experience in guiding students of various levels towards achieving their aviation goals. I’m passionate about aviation safety, and my former students can attest to my patience, high standards, and safety-focused approach.

After years of flying general aviation aircraft and airliners across the United States, I can easily adapt to local airspace and procedures. This allows us to work together regardless of where you typically fly.

Safety is my top priority, so I strive to teach correct habits and procedures from day 1. It’s always easiest to learn it right the first time! I am also obsessive about ensuring my students get the most out of each hour of training together. Each time we work together, you can expect a well-planned, interesting, and efficient lesson. My philosophy is simple. If you’re not happy with our training, I don’t want your money!

FAA Certificates, Ratings, and Endorsements

  • ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)
  • CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)
  • CFII (Instrument Flight Instructor)
  • AGI (Advanced Ground Instructor)
  • IGI (Instrument Ground Instructor)
  • Tailwheel endorsement
  • Embraer 175/195 type rated

Aircraft Flown

  • Embraer E-175
  • Cessna C172, 172RG, 150, 152, 182, 182RG
  • Cirrus SR-20
  • Piper PA-23, 28, 30, 32, 34, 46, and J-3 cub
  • Beechcraft BE-77, 76, 95
  • Mooney M20
  • Citabria 7KCAB