Flight Sim Coach connects pilots and flight sim enthusiasts to Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) who provide remote coaching services as you fly your simulator.

Our goal is to enhance the quality and efficiency of pilot training using desktop flight simulators. Regardless of your location, you can schedule an experienced instructor who can help you achieve your aviation goals.

The company (Flight Sim Coach LLC) was founded in 2021 by Mike Catalfamo (CFI/CFII/ATP).

Safety and Quality

There is no substitute for in-aircraft flight experience. However, we believe that the effective use of flight simulation can allow more in-aircraft flight time to be spent on training tasks and scenarios that best improve aviation safety.

For example, if a student pilot can practice simulator-appropriate topics with an instructor at home (such as navigation, ATC communication, and the visual/mental processes associated with basic aircraft control), more time will be available to practice safety-critical topics in the aircraft such as stall/spin avoidance, landings, go-arounds, weather avoidance, decision making, etc.

Since we can select from instructors across the country and the world, we can bring you the highest quality instructors who are truly passionate about teaching. They bring a wide range of expertise to the table, with aircraft-specific experience in Cirrus aircraft, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more.

We’re proud to bring our instructors to your fingertips.


We strive to maximize the benefit you get from each minute you spend with our instructors – and set you up for success during your solo practice in between sessions. 

With remote coaching focused on the optimal topics, deliberate practice drills and targeted feedback from our instructors, and substantial solo simulator practice, it is possible that a pilot may be able to significantly reduce the cost of real-world training

Customer Service

We take pride in providing high-quality customer service and want to ensure that all clients are completely satisfied with the results of their coaching sessions.

We also want your coaching experience to be a fun one! We understand the value of flight simulation as a rewarding hobby, even if you have no intention of flying in real life. We encourage hobbyist simmers to use our service to learn to fly as realistically and accurately as possible. 

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