A screenshot of a sectional chart.


Night flight to Billings, MT

Consider supplemental oxygen, obstacles, special use airspace, and risk management in this flight from 00U to KBIL.

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Departure Airport

Identifier: 00U
Name: Big Horn County Airport
Location: Hardin, MT

Distance: 37 nautical miles

PilotEdge ATC coverage: Billings Approach & Tower

Arrival Airport

Airport identifier: KBIL
Name: Billings Logan International Airport
Location: Billings, Montana

For All Flights

Time of Day

Set to night


Given your planned cruise altitude and the fact that it’s nighttime, should you plan to use supplemental oxygen on this flight?


When you’re departing 00U, what kind of lighting is available and how can you activate it?

For VFR Flights


If real-world weather is IMC: Set weather to clear skies and unlimited visibility

Sectional Chart Symbology

What does the “UC” mean on this obstacle?


What is depicted by the magenta circle around 00U? When is the MOA active?


Request flight following after departing 00U


If you have one, practice using the autopilot at some point during the cruise and for the initial descent

For IFR Flights


In real life, how would you obtain the clearance on the ground at 00U?

Approach Plate Symbology

What does the highlighted “D” symbol mean on the approach plate?

Regulations - Logbooks

Is it possible to log “actual instrument” flight time, even if the weather conditions are VMC (e.g., clear skies and visibility 10 miles)?

Risk Management

Flying in IMC at night is risky business. Read this article about some factors to consider. 

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