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Transitioning the Seattle Class B airspace

Fly a VFR transition route through Seattle’s airspace on this flight between two uncontrolled airports (8W5 to S36).

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Departure Airport

Identifier: 8W5
Name: Apex Airpark Airport
Location: Silverdale, WA

Distance: 32 nautical miles

PilotEdge ATC coverage: Seattle Approach and Tower

Arrival Airport

Airport identifier: S36
Name: Norman Grier Field Airport
Location: Kent, WA

For All Flights


Calculate the takeoff and landing distances (to clear a 50 ft obstacle with additional safety margin).

Practice the published short field takeoff and landing procedures for your aircraft.

For VFR Flights


If real-world weather is IMC: Set weather to clear skies and unlimited visibility

Prohibited Airspace

Use caution for the prohibited airspace (P-51) to the north of Apex, as well as the National Security Area over Bremerton. 

Communications (Class B)

Request either the Seahawk or Mariner transition from Seattle Tower. Have a plan B in case they do not approve your request.

While you’re in the Class B airspace, what are the cloud clearance and visibility requirements?


Using Skyvector.com, become familiar with the 4 different types of VFR charts available for this route: World VFR, Seattle (sectional), Seattle TAC, and Seattle FLY. What are the differences between them?

For IFR Flights


We recommend completing this flight mission under VFR. There is no instrument approach at S36.

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