A C172 approaching a sloped runway in Microsoft Flight Simulator.



What does a sloped runway look like on final approach?

Fly some traffic patterns at Catalina to understand the visual effect of runway slope during approach.

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You might have read about how a sloping runway can create some visual illusions that might lead you to fly a higher or lower approach path than you should.

Now it’s time to see what this looks like in your sim! Set your aircraft up on final approach to the KAVX (Catalina) airport, which has a 1.7% slope (upwards on runway 22, downwards on runway 4). Try flying the approach in both directions and look at the effects of this illusion first-hand.

For a really extreme challenge, you can also try out the Courchevel Altiport in France (LFLJ), with a whopping 18.6% gradient.

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