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Mike Catalfamo
Mike Catalfamo


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Flight Sim Coach LLC (flightsimcoach.com) has added its seventh instructor to its team of remote flight simulator coaches.

The world’s first dedicated service of its kind, Flight Sim Coach connects pilots to experienced certified flight instructors (CFIs) who specialize in providing professional remote coaching services.

The current team consists of seven CFIs from the United States, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand who are also expert desktop flight simulation users. They are all passionate teachers with diverse flying backgrounds (including experience in a range of general aviation aircraft, gliders, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more).

Their newest instructor is a career CFI from Alabama with 30 years of flying experience. He specializes in instrument training and can be scheduled on-demand by clients worldwide.

While remote coaching is no substitute for in-aircraft instruction and does not count as logable hours, student pilots can benefit from practicing numerous skills in the comfort of their own homes with expert guidance. Aside from the potential cost savings, this allows expensive in-aircraft time to be used in ways that more effectively translate to improved safety and training quality.

The instructors also can provide remote coaching services that don’t involve flight simulators, such as oral exam practice.

For flight simulation enthusiasts, the service is a highly effective way to accelerate their learning process, compared to watching tutorials and reading online forums. It also provides the ultimate realistic learning experience to those who have always dreamed of taking flying lessons.

The service is accessible to sim users with even the most basic hardware. The remote coaching typically takes place using basic VoIP/screen sharing software, allowing the CFI to see everything needed to provide coaching to the client, with no specialized software or hardware required.

About Flight Sim Coach: Flight Sim Coach was founded in 2021 by Mike Catalfamo to bring high-quality one-on-one flight instruction into the home simulation experience. The current team of remote coaches consists of seven certified flight instructors from across the globe, each with extensive flight simulation expertise.

About Mike Catalfamo: Mike is a certified flight instructor and airline transport pilot (CFI/CFII/ATP) who founded FlightSimCoach.com. Formerly an aerospace engineer and airline pilot, he started offering one-on-one remote coaching services in 2018, allowing him to express his passion for instructing and improving aviation safety through an innovative online method. After the demand for remote learning increased in 2020, he began to partner with additional flight instructors in 2021 to bring the benefits of remote simulator coaching to new flight sim users around the world.

For more information, visit flightsimcoach.com

Mike Catalfamo, Founder, Flight Sim Coach, LLC

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