Flight Sim Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans

We connect pilots and flight sim enthusiasts to Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs). They provide live simulator-based group courses and 1-on-1 remote coaching services as you fly. 

One-on-One Remote Flight Instruction

Take online flying lessons with a flight instructor to quickly achieve your aviation goals.

Our Specialty

Bespoke, custom-tailored coaching

We know your situation may be unique. Our specialty is in developing training to meet your specific needs. Simply book a consult with one of our instructors and they will discuss a plan with you.

Starting at $63/hr


How do I purchase?  Our 1-on-1 coaching plans are not available for direct purchase, as the number of hours required may vary based on a number of factors. To get started, we recommend picking an instructor for a free consult. From there, you can purchase an individual session (or discounted package of hours based on the estimated number of hours). 

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

Proficiency Training


Communications & Aviation English

Click here for more information about our use of PilotEdge as a flight training tool.

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