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Interactive Small Group Class

Airbus A320 Basics

Learn how to read the basic flight instruments, program the FMS, and use the autopilot on the Airbus A320.

This course will teach you how to read the flight instruments, program the FMS, and use the autopilot on the Airbus A320. The intent of this course is to quickly familiarize you with the unique aspects of the A320 so you can fly from point A to B.

It is intended for pilots who already have knowledge of IFR procedures, but who would like to transition to flying airliners in their simulator. No experience flying airliners is required.

It will be taught by real-world pilots who are type-rated in the Airbus A320. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with an airline pilot in your simulator to learn how to fly the right way!

“I am totally impressed as to what a very efficient method your course is in communicating what is otherwise a complex and expensive subject to learn. The combination of Matt’s patient teaching style, enthusiasm and professional knowledge combined with the stunning quality of detail of the Toliss A319, results in a hugely valuable learning asset to the airline industry and the next generation of pilots in my view. Or just a fascinating window into the complexity of the modern airline cockpit and intricate workings and engineering philosophy, particularly relating to safety.”

— William Stoney
Retired corporate pilot

This course will be conducted via Zoom. It consists of demonstrations by the instructor and opportunities for you to share your screen with the class. This will allow you to practice hands-on the topics discussed and receive real-time feedback.

We will give each student as many opportunities as possible to share their screen via Zoom for various exercises. If you’re not sharing your screen, you are still welcome to follow along on your own simulator, or simply watch and ask questions.

Class 1 (1.5 hours): Learn how to read the flight instruments in the A320, focused on the Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Navigation Display (ND). This class will also include an initial introduction to the FMS. Content covered:

  • Attitude and guidance info
  • Airspeed and Airbus speed protections
  • Flap extension/retraction
  • Altitude, vertical speed, heading/track
  • Flight Mode Annunciators (FMAs)
  • Deviation bars and radio navigation
  • ND display modes and symbology
  • FMS interface and data page

Class 2 (1.5 hours): Learn how to program the FMS from start to finish. Content covered:

  • Aircraft status
  • Init page
  • FPLN page
  • Perf page
  • SEC FPLN page
  • Reviewing flight plan
  • SimBrief integration
  • MCP (autopilot) setup for RNAV and non-RNAV departures

Class 3 (2 hours): Practice using the autopilot and flight director to fly several flights

  • Flight 1 will include an RNAV departure, managed/open climbs, vertical speed mode, intermediate and immediate level-offs, managed/open descents, managing the TOD point and speed, approach mode, visual/ILS approach, and a flaps full landing
  • Flight 2 will consist of a non-RNAV departure (only departure phase)

Other systems and procedures (such as startup from cold & dark, checklists, ATC communications, flight planning, etc.) will not be covered.

Our next course will be taught by Matt Bromback. Matt is a pilot on the Airbus A320 with over 8000 hours of flight experience. He has been a flight simulation user/enthusiast since 1995.

We may also incorporate guest instructors to help you learn from a variety of styles and perspectives.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • Basic aircraft handling skills
  • Knowledge of flight instruments and navigation
  • Familiarity with IFR procedures

If you’re not comfortable with these, we would recommend performing some preparatory training in a general aviation aircraft with one of our instructors to build a solid foundation.

Do I need any add-ons? Yes. Since our instructors will be training you using real-world procedures, we require that you have a “study level” aircraft add-on.

Flight Sim Coach is not associated with any of the companies who make these add-ons.

We also recommend having an active SimBrief account (free) and a Navigraph charts subscription (paid).

Is there any real-world training credit available for this course? No. This course is to be used for entertainment purposes only. Flight Sim Coach is not associated with Airbus or any of its official training courses. If you are a real-world airline pilot in training, this course is not for you; please consult your airline’s official training materials.

Interactive Small Group Class

Airbus A320 Basics

Learn how to read the basic flight instruments, program the FMS, and use the autopilot on the Airbus A320.
An A320 on approach in Microsoft Flight Simulator.




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For flight sim hobbyists
Basic IFR skills required
"Study level" add-on is required
FS2020 with Fenix or FlyByWire A320, or Prepar3D with FSLabs A320, or X-Plane with ToLiss A319/A320/A321
Type-Rated Pilots
Our instructors hold official type ratings on their real-world pilot certificates for the A320—making them experts in the aircraft.
Free 1-on-1 lesson (with Interactive Pilot Slot only)
Includes a free 30-minute 1-on-1 lesson with any of our Certified Flight Instructors to get extra personalized support
100% Online · Max 7 per class
A mix of tutorial, practical exercises, and Q&A opportunity


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