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Interactive Small Group Class

G1000 Course – Intro

Learn the basics of the Garmin G1000 so you can navigate with ease.

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • How to read the instrumentation and symbology of the G1000 (PFD/MFD)
  • How to navigate using GPS
  • How to navigate using VORs
  • How to use the communications and navigation radios
  • How to create and change flight plans
  • How to see terrain, traffic, and weather information
  • How to put everything together in a flight from point A to B

The course covers things that any pilot using the system should know. It does not include topics that are specific to IFR flights, such as SIDs and STARs. The use of autopilot is not covered.

Complete beginners to the G1000 are welcome to join the course. We only ask that you have basic aircraft control skills (ability to maintain heading/altitude).

Participation Types: You can sign up either as a Pilot or an Observer, depending on the level of interactivity you prefer.

  • Pilot:
    • You and the other pilots will receive the full attention of the flight instructor. You will take turns sharing your screens so the instructor can provide personalized instruction, tips, and tricks adapted to your needs.
    • Ask questions at any time via voice.
    • You also receive a free 30-min 1:1 coaching session which you can utilize to get extra assistance outside of the class.
  • Observer: 
    • Watch the other pilots as they fly and receive instruction.
    • You can optionally follow along on your sim and get questions answered via text chat (instructor workload permitting).
    • Attendance is not required. You will receive a recording of each class after it is completed.

Recordings are made available for all students for up to 6 months. The 1:1 lesson can be used with any of our Certified Flight Instructors (within 2 months of the course start date).

Info for Pilots:

  • Each class is conducted in small-group format to ensure high-quality personal attention.
  • Classes will consist of tutorial and practical exercises which you can complete alongside the instructor, and question/answer sessions.
  • You can utilize the free 1-on-1 coaching session at any point when you would like to receive extra support or practice.
  • Software used: Each class will be conducted using Zoom as the primary method of communication. A stable internet connection and a computer microphone are required (connected to the same computer where you use your simulator). Webcam is not required.
  • You must have either X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS) with the G1000 Cessna 172 or a similar type of aircraft.

Info for observers: There are no requirements to be an observer, aside from having Zoom to join the meeting.

  • Lesson 1 (1.5 hours)
    • Discussion of the sim vs. real-world G1000
    • Overview of the bezel and overall user interface
    • PFD/flight instruments/annunciators/engine info
    • Nearest airport
    • Direct to (and intro to navigating the route with a conventional CDI versus using the GTN CDI)
  • Lesson 2 (1.5 hours)
    • NAV/COM and transponder
    • VOR navigation (direct to and intercept radial)
    • OBS mode
    • Map basics (symbology, DTK/TRK/GS/DIS, etc.)
  • Lesson 3 (2 hours): The final lesson will be conducted via a scenario-based flight from one airport to another. 
    • Database currency
    • Creating and changing flight plans
    • Using Safe Taxi
    • Traffic, Terrain, and Weather
    • Map orientation, other map features
    • Time permitting: Basic use of VNAV for descent planning

This class will be taught by Nick Marcantonio, an FAA CFI/CFII and active airline pilot with extensive experience using/teaching the G1000.

He has been an instructor since 2015 and has taught private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine students. He has used home flight simulation for my own training and to teach others since 2008.

We may also incorporate guest instructors to help you learn from a variety of styles and perspectives.

Interactive Small Group Class

G1000 Course – Intro

Learn the basics of the Garmin G1000 so you can navigate with ease.
The cockpit of a G1000 C172 in IFR conditions in Microsoft Flight Simulator.




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For pilots and flight sim hobbyists
No prerequisites aside from basic aircraft control skills
100% Online
A mix of tutorial, exercises, and Q&A
Taught by experienced certified flight instructors
Our CFIs are experts in using flight sims to master avionics functionality on the ground
Free 1-on-1 lesson (with Interactive Pilot Slot only)
Includes a free 30-minute 1-on-1 lesson with any of our Certified Flight Instructors to get extra personalized support


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