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MSFS Jumpstart

This free, live class will teach you the basics of your simulator so you can start flying ASAP.​

You can sign up for any of our next available classes:

  • September 30, 2023 (Saturday) from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern (1500 – 1600 UTC)

Interested, but not on these dates? Book a 1:1 session today.

If you’re like many of our students, you recently purchased a flight simulator after hearing how it can aid your flight training and make you a more proficient pilot.

We understand. You’re an aspiring pilot, but perhaps not much of a computer enthusiast or gamer. Maybe you’ve installed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS), but you’re overwhelmed by basic things like how to interact with cockpit controls and set your views. Or perhaps you’ve also wondered how to optimize your simulator’s performance by tweaking graphics settings.

If so, this class is perfect for you!

It’s a unique opportunity for you to learn MSFS in a live, online classroom setting—with an expert instructor.


  • Getting Started: Learn how to calibrate your flight controls and optimize control sensitivities
  • Graphics: Understand frame rate and the factors that affect it
  • Cockpit Interaction: Learn how to interact with the cockpit (zooming, panning, and radio tuning)
  • Training tools: Introduction to replay mode and online ATC
  • Q&A: With any remaining time, we will answer your questions about MSFS!

Note: This class is focused on the operation of the simulator, not techniques for actually flying the aircraft.

What our prior students had to say: 

  • Hi Mike, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for today’s class. Job well done, very professional.
  • Good overview for a newbie. Excellent interaction and realtime answering questions.
  • Very helpful explanations and tips. Well presented.
  • I have been using both programs for a little while but I did learn a new trick or two. The presenter seemed knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • Non-technical language used in the presentation, directly covered some of the specific questions I had. The reference sheets are very useful.
  • Good job covering the basics and tips, tricks presented for both classes!
  • Excellent introduction to MSFS. I like how Mike wasn’t moving the mouse around like crazy like some instructors do which can be so distracting.
  • I enjoyed the variety of topics covered.

Each class is conducted in a group format on Zoom. The instructor will use screen sharing to perform demonstrations. If you have your own simulator, we highly encourage you to follow along with the instructor.

Webcam/microphone use is not required. You are welcome to use the chat feature in Zoom to ask questions throughout.

This class will be taught by one or more members of our remote flight instructor team and/or additional guest instructors.

They are flight simulation experts who will help you quickly learn how to use your simulator for training and as a rewarding hob

Exclusively for Sporty’s Customers

MSFS Jumpstart

This free, live class will teach you the basics of your simulator so you can start flying ASAP.​
An airplane on the runway in Microsoft Flight Simulator.





1 hour

(Via Zoom)

For current/future users of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)
No flying skills or simulator are required
100% Online
A mix of tutorial and Q&A
Taught by experienced certified flight instructors
Our CFIs are experts in using flight sims to supplement pilot training and proficiency
Reference sheet
Includes a quick reference sheet so you can easily practice the keyboard shortcuts referenced throughout the class
Recordings will be available for optional purchase ($20) within 1-2 days after the class finishes


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