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PilotEdge VFR ATC Rating

Learn to fly on PilotEdge. Bring your flight sim experience to the ultimate level with professional ATC services.

This is our unofficial PilotEdge VFR rating (it will not be tracked or recorded on the PilotEdge website).

Flights take place in the Western coverage area, where there is less traffic density, offering a less stressful introductory experience. They are also ideal for pilots based in the Seattle area or at other airports included in the Western coverage area (Portland, Boise, Denver area, etc.).

It contains two “checkride flights” on PilotEdge where you will put the skills we practiced offline to work.

Before embarking on one this rating, you should ideally be as proficient as possible with operating your aircraft (hand-flying/autopilot and basic navigation). We can weave in these topics in the context of these ratings, but if we have to focus on non-ATC topics, it may increase the required training time.

The content of each rating can be modified to meet your level of proficiency. While there is no guarantee that you will be able to complete the ratings within a certain number of hours, your success at efficiently completing the rating will be greatly improved by doing as much self-study, review of the recordings from the lessons, listening to LiveATC, and solo practice on PilotEdge as possible.

PilotEdge VFR ATC Rating (General aviation aircraft)

  • VFR-1 (offline): Intro to Class D airspace and airport operations at PAE
  • VFR-2 (offline): Traffic patterns around PAE
  • VFR-3 (on PilotEdge/checkride flight): Depart PAE, exit the Class D, then arrive again and perform 3 patterns
  • VFR-4 (offline): Class D and uncontrolled airport operations (PAE-AWO)
  • VFR-5 (offline): Class C airspace operations and flight following (PDX-MMV-PDX)
  • VFR-6 (offline): Class B airspace operations (PWT-S50-BFI)
  • VFR-7 (offline): Class B airport operations (BFI-SEA, including a tour of the Seattle downtown skyline)
  • VFR-8 (on PilotEdge/checkride flight): S43-S50 with Class B transition, Mariner/Seahawk transition, land BFI

Completion standards: The online checkride flights are considered passed when you complete them with minimal assistance from your instructor, without pilot deviations, and using proper FAA communications phraseology.



Ground School

VFR Communications is broken down into 8 subject areas and 22 individual video segments. Based on over 50 years of aviation education experience from the instructors at Sporty’s, the VFR Communications course contains over 60 minutes of engaging 3D animations, in-flight video and real-world communication scenarios.
Coaching Plan

PilotEdge VFR ATC Rating

Learn to fly on PilotEdge. Bring your flight sim experience to the ultimate level with professional ATC services.
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2 real-world flight lessons in a Cessna 172

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