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Interactive Small Group Class

Private Pilot Ground School for Flight Sim Users

Intro ground school teaching basic piloting knowledge—so you can fly your simulator with confidence.

Are you new to aviation or flight simulation and overwhelmed by everything there is to learn?

Or perhaps you’re thinking of taking real-world flying lessons, and you would like to get a taste of what ground school is like?

If so, this introductory course is a perfect fit for you! We offer the only live intro ground school specifically designed with flight simulation users in mind. 

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a solid base of theoretical and practical knowledge to fly general aviation aircraft in your flight simulator
  • Learn many tips and tricks for using your flight simulator (including X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020), such as installing add-ons, using VATSIM/PilotEdge, and more.

Each class will be conducted via Zoom. You are welcome to follow along with your instructor using your own flight simulator.

The aircraft used for explaining aircraft-specific systems will be the Cessna 172 (both steam-gauge and G1000 versions). Airspace and regulations will be FAA/US-based.

The focus of this class is the theoretical knowledge that will allow you to fly your simulator as realistically as possible.
However, this course does not include information regarding flying techniques, FAA written exam preparation, or topics that would not have much relevance in a flight simulator environment (such as aeromedical factors).


Our next available class begins on January 14, 2023 with the following schedule:

  • Each Saturday & Sunday from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST (1530-1730Z)
  • 3 week duration (last class on January 29)
Interested, but not on these dates/times? Contact us.

What's included?

  • Video recordings after each lesson for your review (available for up to 6 months)
  • Guided reading assignments using FAA materials (PHAK, AIM, etc.)
  • Suggested homework assignments
  • A 1-hour one-on-one flying lesson with any of our Certified Flight Instructors (a $60+ value, valid for 2 months). Use this if you need extra help understanding concepts from the course, if you need assistance setting/using your flight simulator, or if you want to get real-time feedback to improve your flying skills.

Our instructors

This class will be taught by one or more members of our remote flight instructor team and/or additional guest instructors holding flight/ground instructor certificates. 

They are flight simulation experts who will help you understand absorb the knowledge to become a great sim pilot.

Compare with traditional online ground schools

We know there are many options for online ground schools. However, our course is the only ground school focused on helping flight sim enthusiasts learn the fundamental knowledge in an interactive, engaging, and supportive a group environment.

Our course may be a great match for you if:

  • You have trouble motivating yourself to study and you need the consistency of a set class schedule
  • You tend to have many questions as you’re learning, and you want them answered immediately, instead of having to research or ask an instructor later
  • You want the flexibility of taking an online class from home instead of a traditional in-person ground school
  • You’re interested in a highly visual and interactive approach to your learning
  • You want the option for 1-on-1 support during your course
  • You have an interest in flight simulation and want to learn more about how to use it during your study and training


  1. Aerodynamics (1.5 hrs) – Learn about the forces of flight, angle of attack, stalls, spins, gliding, ground effect, and left turning tendencies
  2. Flight Controls and Aircraft Systems (1.5 hrs) – Understand the systems of the Cessna 172 and associated instrumentation, including the engine, electrical system, and flight controls
  3. Flight Instruments (1 hr) – Learn how to read the flight instruments in both round dial (“steam gauge”) and electronic (G1000) panel configurations.
  4. Regulations (1 hr) – Learn the operating rules (such as speed limits, ATC rules, and weather requirements) that will help you operate on VATSIM and PilotEdge.
  5. Airport Operations (1 hr) – Learn about airport markings, traffic pattern rules, and airport lighting.
  6. Air Traffic Control and Airspace (2 hr) – Learn about the various types of airspace, the basic rules of operation, and associated ATC procedures.
  7. Sectional Charts (1 hr) – Learn how to interpret the information on sectional charts so you can plan flights to avoid airspace, terrain, and obstacles
  8. VOR and GPS navigation (2 hrs) – Learn how to navigate using radio and GPS methods
  9. Weather Theory (0.5 hrs) – Learn about weather hazards, such as thunderstorms, fog, winds, and turbulence
  10. Weather Data (0.5 hrs) – Learn how to interpret METARs, TAFs, and basic weather charts
  11. Flight Planning (2 hrs) – Learn how to plan a flight between two airports on using pilotage and dead reckoning, as well as the various factors to be considered to complete a safe flight
  12. Aircraft Performance (1 hr) – Learn the basic factors affecting aircraft performance (such as weight, center of gravity, temperature, and pressure)
Omitted topics include: Part 61 regulations, exam prep, and aeromedical factors

Information will be presented at an introductory level of detail and will not be comprehensive. In other words, in just 15 hours, we will not be able to cover all the information that you need to pass an FAA written exam or to become a safe real-world pilot. 

However, we are confident that this basis of information will give you a substantial head start benefit if you do decide to embark on real-world flight training and complete a full private pilot knowledge course.

Interactive Small Group Class

Private Pilot Ground School for Flight Sim Users

Intro ground school teaching basic piloting knowledge—so you can fly your simulator with confidence.
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For flight sim hobbyists and student pilots
No prerequisites
100% Online · Max 15 per class
Get all your questions answered with personal attention.
Certified flight & ground instructors
Our CFIs are experts in using flight sims both as a hobby and to prepare for your real-world training
Free 1-on-1 support & our guarantee
Each student is eligible for a one-hour lesson with any of our instructors
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