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Interactive Small Group Class

X-Plane for Pilot Training

Master the powerful features X-Plane 11/12. Learn how to set up, optimize, and use X-Plane for pilot training and proficiency.

If you’re like many of our students, you recently purchased a flight simulator after hearing how it can aid your flight training and make you a more proficient pilot.

We get it. You’re an aspiring pilot…but perhaps not much of a computer whiz or gamer.

Maybe you’ve installed X-Plane, but you’re overwhelmed by basic things—like how to interact with cockpit controls and set your views.

Or perhaps you’ve also wondered how to optimize your simulator’s performance by tweaking graphics settings, adding VR, or using add-ons.

If so, this course has been built specifically for you!

It’s true that the internet is full of free information on how to use X-Plane. In fact, there’s an extremely detailed user manual for X-Plane available here.

However, what this course does is distill that information (around 50,000 words—yikes!) into a fully interactive, live course specifically designed for real-world pilots and flight students like yourself.

It’s a unique opportunity for you to learn X-Plane in a live, online classroom setting—with an expert Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). You can ask all your questions and learn from the interactions with other students.

Each class has a strict maximum of 7 students. The instructor will give turns to each student to share their screen with the class and practice using various X-Plane features.

The other students are encouraged to follow along on their own simulators.

Note: This course is focused on the operation of the simulator, not techniques for actually flying the aircraft.

“Couldn’t be better. Excellent materials. I liked the attention to generalization versus getting lost in details.”

— Preston Root
Student Pilot

“This course was well done and covered useful topics needed to be comfortable with the software and flight controls. Everything I needed was covered. I feel well prepared as a beginner sim pilot.”

— Steve Witt
Student Pilot

Each class is conducted in small-group format (max 7 per class) to ensure high-quality personal attention.

Classes will consist of tutorial, practical exercises which you can complete alongside the instructor, and ample opportunities to ask questions.

You can utilize the free 1-on-1 coaching session at any point when you would like to receive extra support or practice.

Software used: Each class will be conducted using Zoom as the primary method of communication and screen share.

A stable internet connection and a computer microphone are required. Webcam is not required.

You must have the latest version of X-Plane 12 installed.

  • Class 1:
    • Getting Started: Learn how to load the simulator, calibrate your flight controls, and set up a flight
    • Hardware options: An overview of the various hardware choices available to help improve your simulation experience
    • Configuring X-Plane: Understand the menus, keyboard shortcuts, and profiles
    • Rendering Options: Understand frame rate and the factors that affect it
    • Setting up flight: Selecting an aircraft, special starts, weather configuration and add-ons, date/time, and other configuration options
    • Cockpit Interaction: Learn the various methods of interacting with common controls in the cockpit (knobs, clickable regions, zooming, radio tuning, etc.)
    • View Controls: Learn how to use the view menu, keyboard shortcuts, your joystick/yoke, and add-ons to quickly look around the aircraft or outside of it
  • Class 2
    • Training tools: X-Plane includes numerous tools which allow you to efficiently practice and debrief various aspects of your flights. You will learn about all of them here.
    • VR: An introduction to what Virtual Reality (VR) can bring to your simulation experience and some of the pros/cons
    • ATC: Learn how to use the built-in ATC feature (and understand some of its limitations). Also includes an intro to third party tools such as PilotEdge and VATSIM.
    • Misc: Various features such as AI, logbooks, Plane Maker, crash detection, etc.
    • EFB integration: How to use your simulator with an EFB (like Foreflight) so that your aircraft location shows on the EFB map
    • Installing add-ons: Practice installing several add-ons (including aircraft, scenery, and utilities)
    • From here: Suggested practice techniques and resources for maximizing the educational value and enjoyment from your simulator

This class will be taught by one or more members of our remote flight instructor team and/or additional guest instructors holding flight/ground instructor certificates.

They are flight simulation experts who will help you understand and absorb the knowledge to become a great sim pilot.

Interactive Small Group Class

X-Plane for Pilot Training

Master the powerful features X-Plane 11/12. Learn how to set up, optimize, and use X-Plane for pilot training and proficiency.
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Primarily for real-world flight students. X-Plane 11 or 12 and basic flight controls (yoke or joystick) are required.
No flying skills are required. The content will also be applicable to sim hobbyists.
100% Online · Max 7 per class
A mix of tutorial, exercises, and Q&A
Taught by experienced certified flight instructors
Our CFIs are experts in using flight sims to supplement pilot training and proficiency
Free 1-on-1 lesson (with Interactive Pilot Slot only)
Includes a free 30-minute 1-on-1 lesson with any of our Certified Flight Instructors to get extra personalized support
Reference sheet (with Interactive Pilot Slot only)
Includes a quick reference sheet so you can easily practice the keyboard shortcuts referenced throughout the class


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