Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations [FAA WINGS Credit]

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This activity is intended as a refresher for rated pilots on non-towered airport communications.

This fully interactive activity consists of the following performed with a remote FAA CFI from

  • A review and discussion of an NTSB report of an accident that occurred at a non-towered airport (15 minutes) 
  • A review of best practices in AC 90-66B (Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations) (30 minutes) 
  • An opportunity to practice proper radio phraseology at a non-towered airport using a consumer desktop flight simulator as a visualization tool (45 minutes) 

Total duration: 90 minutes


  • Demonstrate an understanding of:
    • Towered and nontowered airport operations (PA.III.B.K1)
    • Radio communications at towered and nontowered airports (PA.II.D.K6b)
    • How to obtain proper radio frequencies (PA.III.A.K1)
    • Proper radio communication procedures and ATC phraseology (PA.III.A.K2)
  • Demonstrate an ability to:
    • Select appropriate frequencies (PA.III.A.S1)
    • Transmit using phraseology and procedures as specified in the AIM (PA.III.A.S2)
    • Acknowledge radio communications and comply with instructions (PA.III.A.S3)
    • Perform runway selection for the current conditions (PA.III.B.K2)
    • Use automated weather and airport information (PA.III.B.K4)


To sign up: Book an instructor for 90 minutes via this page, indicating that you wish you complete this WINGS activity:

The instructor you select must be indicated as an FAA CFI to be able to provide you with credit.


  • The use of Zoom is required for this activity (to facilitate voice communications and screen share).
  • You do not need your own flight simulator to participate in this activity. If you don’t have a simulator, your flight instructor can “screen share” while flying their own simulator to facilitate visualization of the traffic pattern and airport operations, while you practice verbalizing the radio calls.
  • The use of a webcam is optional but recommended.

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