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VFR ATC communications at towered airports | Hands-on practice with CFI

January 5 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

An interactive Air Traffic Control small group workshop. Practice ATC communications with a flight instructor and get personalized feedback.

About this Event


This session will be a highly interactive ATC (Air Traffic Control) workshop. You will be able to practice ATC communications and get personalized feedback in a relaxed environment. Don’t worry about making mistakes!

Recommended audience: If you have been nervous about joining online ATC networks such as PilotEdge or VATSIM, this will be a perfect opportunity to get your feet wet and build your confidence. It will also be useful for any pilots who want to brush the rust off and tighten up their current skills. You’re welcome to join regardless of your experience level.

The goal will be for you to become proficient using proper FAA phraseology and communications procedures, so you can sound professional and confident on the radio.

Flight: The session will follow along with PilotEdge’s CAT-03 and CAT-04 ratings (though the flight will not be conducted on the network).

How will it work?

  1. I will provide a basic ATC script prior to the session. You are welcome to study this beforehand and reference it throughout the session, though this is not required.
  2. We’ll begin the session with quick introductions of your name and your flying/sim background.
  3. I will be flying my simulator, streaming the video to Zoom. As I fly the airplane, I will also be acting as air traffic control.
  4. However, YOU and the other participants will take turns making each radio transmission and directing any radio frequency setup.

I will help guide you based on your individual experience level, providing feedback on your individual radio calls, and help explain any relevant airspace considerations.

Flight rules: VFR

Duration: 90 minutes

About me:

I’m Mike, a real-world CFI (certified flight instructor) and ATP (airline transport pilot) who is passionate about using flight simulators to teach others about aviation. I have a varied background in aviation, starting as an aerospace engineer at Boeing, followed by several years of flying regional jets throughout the US. My main passion is teaching, and I have been a flight instructor (CFI/CFII) since 2010.


Refunds are not available. I reserve the right to cancel the session if a minimum of 4 attendees is not reached 1 day before the event. In this case, I will fully refund your payment.


Online via Zoom. Questions and discussion among attendees will be welcome and encouraged. Link to the Zoom meeting will be included in the confirmation email

This session is considered supplementary coaching only. It is not loggable, nor is it a substitute for in-person instruction by the flight instructor who is signing your logbook!