Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

For your flight instructor to provide effective remote coaching, there are two key things that need to be shared:

  • Voice communications
  • A view of your simulator (outside view, cockpit, instruments, external panels, etc.)

Generally, Zoom is used to facilitate sharing both of these with your instructor.

All you have to do is join your instructor’s Zoom meeting using a link, and press the Share Screen button.

At that point, the instructor will see everything that you see on your screen, and they can provide coaching services

Once you have determined which flight instructor best fits your needs, we invite you to schedule a free consultation call, where your instructor will discuss a recommended coaching plan to fit your exact needs.

After the consult, you can schedule your first full session. Our scheduling software makes it easy – even if your instructor is halfway across the world – by converting all scheduling into your local time zone.

There are three main reasons why Flight Sim Coach exists:

  1. To enhance the quality and efficiency of pilot training using desktop flight simulators
  2. To help hobbyist flight simmers learn more efficiently from real-world pilots/instructors
  3. To help provide technical assistance to all flight simulator users

While YouTube is an excellent resource, our clients appreciate the ability to get instant feedback on their performance, get immediate answers to their questions, and receive coaching that is targeted to reach their goals as efficiently as possible.

One of our students put it this way: “Friends, as much I love YouTube for figuring things out, it has rudely never once answered a question I pondered out loud. In direct contrast, Dave was patient and happy to answer my many questions during our session.

You can filter our instructor list to see which one has expertise in your simulator and type of flying. Check out their calendars to see which instructor’s availability matches your own. If you are not sure who to pick, please fill out this form.

Yes. Our instructors generally offer free consultation sessions. See our instructor list for scheduling links.

After you make a booking, we will send you a complete list of preparation instructions, covering screen share software, simulator optimization, and other resources like checklists.

Generally, an internet upload speed of 5 Mbps is sufficient for your instructor to provide remote coaching services. If your upload speed is less, please contact us.

No. The use of webcam is at your discretion. The main thing is that your instructor can see your screen.

The minimum requirement is to have some kind of audio headset (or other speaker/microphone combination) hooked up to your flight simulation computer to facilitate clear voice communications.

If you do not have one, please contact us before your session.

Yes. Users must be recognized as adults by applicable law. Minors may only use the service under parental or adult supervision. All users must be at least 13 years old.

  • The remote coaching service must not be used while you are flying a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) or Flight Training Device (FTD), except with prior coordination and permission. This does not apply to those flying uncertified home flight simulators or Aviation Training Devices (ATDs).
  • The remote coaching service is to be used solely for entertainment purposes or as a supplement to pilot training. It must not be used as the primary source of training for the operation of any actual aircraft.
  • The remote coaching service is not considered to be loggable flight, simulator, or ground instruction.
  • The remote coaching service is not a substitute for formal, loggable in-aircraft training or ground instruction with the Certified Flight Instructor who will be signing your logbook.
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