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Mike Catalfamo

‣ Founder, flightsimcoach.com
‣ fAA CFI/CFII (Certified Flight Instructor / instrument Flight Instructor)
‣ FAA AGI/IGI (Advanced/Instrument Ground Instructor)
‣ Embraer 175/195 type rating

About me

I’m a former airline pilot & Boeing engineer. I’ve been a desktop flight sim user since 2000, and experienced first-hand the profound benefits they can have on real-world flight training. I am passionate about helping pilots and enthusiasts alike use desktop simulation to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Read more


"...Can't say enough about Mike's knowledge and teaching skills. It's like having a CFI on call for simmers, as well as those training for their PPL or Instrument Ratings. His fees are super reasonable. Serious simmers and pilots in training are fortunate to have this resource available!" Read more

Scott F.
Flight sim enthusiast

Flight sim experience: X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, PilotEdge, VATSIM

Time zone/general availability: 8 AM – 5 PM eastern time.

I have real-world instructing experience in: Cessna C172, 150, 182RG, Cirrus SR20, Piper PA-28

David Chambers

‣ UK Commercial Pilot, Single Engine
‣ UK FI/IRI (Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating Instructor)

About me

UK-based instrument-rated flight instructor. I have no plans for an airline career and instead have made the most of my PPL, flying extensively throughout Europe and the US (California, New England, Florida, Texas). I enjoy encouraging others to venture further, leading club trips to foreign destinations and club flyouts. 

I thrive on the variety that flight instruction offers, from taking those up for their first flight, through the PPL training course and subsequently on to IFR airways procedures.

Flight simulators offer an ideal complement to real-world experience at a much lower cost. I’ve customised my own simulator, enhancing scenery for dozens of airports on the X-Plane repository as well as tailoring and enhancing instrument panel touchscreens to match real aircraft closely. I’ve built and customised a simulator for the flying club and published several articles in magazines. I closely track the constantly changing regulations in Europe and run a popular ground school class on how to fly abroad.

Credited if you purchase coaching with David after the consult.

15% off, for an effective hourly rate of $63.25/hour

Flight sim experience: X-Plane 11, VATSIM, PilotEdge

Time zone/general availability: Some weekdays, most weekends and evenings (UK time zone)

Home airport: EGBJ (Gloucester, UK)

I have real-world instructing experience in: PA28 Warrior/Arrow, Cessna 172/182, Socata TB20

Leigh Ehrmann

‣ Canadian ATPL
‣ Canadian Class 2 Instructor rating, qualified to teach Ab Initio to MEI students
‣ C550, C560, C25C (Citation CJ4), C25CS (Citation CJ4 Single Pilot), C525 (Citation M2), C525S (Citation M2 Single Pilot), TBM and ARJ146 (BAe146/Avro RJ Series) Type ratings

About me

I’m a current Chief Pilot for a Canadian corporate flight department operating the TBM930, Citation M2 and Citation CJ4. I have been instructing for nearly 15 years, and continue to flight instruct in my spare time. While flying corporate aircraft, I have experience worldwide at many different airports.

My career began at a college as a flight instructor, before I moved to run my own flight school in Eastern Canada. After that I progressed to flying Citations with a charter company before moving to a small airline on the Avro RJ100 aircraft. My real passion lies with corporate jets, so I made the move back as a Chief Pilot at my current job.

15% off, for an effective hourly rate of $69/hour

Flight sim experience: X-Plane 11, VATSIM

Time zone/general availability: Mountain time zone  • Evenings are usually open, as well as anytime during the day when I’m off work. Even when I’m on the road I can be available.

Home airport: CYBW (Calgary/Springbank Airport)

I have real-world instructing experience in:  C152, C172, C182, C206, PA28, PA31, BE58, Mooney, Grumman GA7, C240 TTx, Cirrus SR22

Additional aircraft flown as pilot: Citation 2, Citation Ultra, Citation CJ4, Citation M2, TBM 850, TBM 930, Avro RJ100


Chris Stalica

‣ FAA Commercial Pilot, Single/Multi Engine Land
‣ FAA CFI/CFII (Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor Instrument)
‣ CE-510S Type Rating

About me

Chris is an FAA-certified flight instructor with over 20 years of experience in general aviation planes and simulators.

He started flying in college using Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 to supplement his training.

When not working as an engineer, you can find him at an airport or flying virtually to test his skills and for entertainment.

A firm believer in using flight simulation to reinforce real-world flying, he enjoys teaching students at every level.

15% off, for an effective hourly rate of $57.50/hour

Flight sim experience: X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, VATSIM, PilotEdge

Time zone/general availability: Central time • evenings & weekends

Home airport: KICT (Wichita, Kansas)

I have real-world instructing experience in: Cirrus SR22, Piper M600, Mooney M20

Darrell Taylor

‣ FAA Commercial, Single Engine, Multi Engine, Instrument
‣ EASA fATPL, B737 300-900, SEP (Land), MEP (Land)
‣ EASA FI(A) Teaching PPL, CPL, IR, FI Ratings
‣ B737 300-900 Type Rating

About me

My aviation interest started when my parents bought me Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 when I was a child. I started training towards my PPL at the age of 13, went solo at 16 and qualified as a private pilot at 18. I then worked a few jobs while saving for further training and qualified as a commercial pilot and flight instructor in 2010. 

I started my instructing career in France, and shortly after I was offered a job in Florida teaching European students. While doing this I trained for my FAA ratings and stayed in Florida teaching EASA and FAA students until 2018 when I decided to move back to the UK for an airline job. 

I have been flying the Boeing 737 for a European airline since then. During the pandemic, with my free time, I have reignited my interest in simming, which has helped keep my SOPs current.

15% off, for an effective hourly rate of $63.25/hour

Flight sim experience: X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, VATSIM

Time zone/general availability: GMT time zone • I work a 5 days on, 4 days off roster, so I’m available at least 4 days in every 9.

Home airport: EGPH (Edinburgh Airport)

I have real-world instructing experience in: Cessna 150, 152, 172, Piper PA28, PA28(R), PA28(RT), Robin DR300, DR400

Additional aircraft flown as pilot: Boeing 737, Beechcraft BE76, Piper PA34, PA44

David Walley

Rotary wing licenses:
‣ ATPL (H) – New Zealand, UK, EASA(EU), CASA (Australia)
‣ CPL(H) – New Zealand, UK, FAA, Bermuda, Malaysian, Kenyan.
‣ Instrument rating(H) – New Zealand, UK, EASA, CASA, FAA, Malaysian.
‣ Instructors rating (H)- New Zealand (‘B’ Cat / ‘D’Cat ). EASA (TRI )
‣ Examiner rating(H) – New Zealand (Airline flight Examiner, VFR, IFR, Route ).

Fixed-wing licenses:
‣ CPL(A)- New Zealand. (aerobatic rating)
‣ Instrument rating (A)- New Zealand
‣ Instructor rating(A)- (‘C’ Cat)
‣ PPL(A)- NZ (amphibian rating), UK, Canada (float plane rating).

Lighter Than Air (LTA):
‣ CPL(Airship)-UK
‣ CPL(Balloon) -NZ

About me

I am a New Zealand-based helicopter pilot, flight instructor, and examiner with over 10,000 flight hours, primarily in helicopters.

I especially love teaching people with no previous flight experience the thrill of flying helicopters, as well as fixed-wing pilots who want to try their hand at rotary. I also enjoy night vision ops and instrument flight training.

I initially learned to fly fixed-wing aircraft in the Royal Air Force. I later flew large helicopters to offshore oil rigs throughout the world, conducted search and rescue missions, served in the Falklands for the UK Ministry of Defence, and flew for Greenpeace in Antarctica and the Arctic. In addition, I flew commercial blimps in North America, the UK, and Australia, and was a Boeing 737-200 copilot for Air New Zealand.

I love instructing in simulators and have built several myself. Online flight instruction is the way of the future, and I’m fascinated by its potential, not only for ab-initio and scenario-based training, but also for teaching Crew Resource Management (CRM) and advanced human factors.

Flight sim experience: FSX, X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Time zone/general availability: New Zealand time (GMT+13) • Flexible with preferably 24 hours warning, as I still instruct and examine in regular helicopters. I am a morning person, which is late afternoon and evenings in North America and late at night in Europe. 

Home airport: Auckland, NZ (NZAA)

I have real-world instructing experience in: Robinson R22, Hughes 300 (269), Hughes 500(369), Bell 47G2, Bell 206, Eurocopter AS350, Eurocopter AS355-F1, Bell 222, Bolkow BK117, Sikorsky S76, AW169. Commercial Balloon: Cameron N90, Thunder and Colt AX7. Fixed wing: Cessna 172, Piper 112, Lake Buccaneer. 

Additional aircraft flown as pilot: SA Bulldog Ti, Piper 160, Lake Buccaneer, CT4 Airtrainer, B76 Duchess, Boeing 737-200, Bell 206 & OH58A, Robinson R22/R44, Aerospatiale AS 350 Squirrel, Aerospatiale 330 Puma, Aerospatiale 365N Dauphine, Aerospatiale 355 Twin Squirrell, Sikorsky S76, AW169, Airship Industries Skyship, 500 & 600 American Blimp Co, A60

Specialty courses: Fixed-wing to Helicopter Transition​ Course

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