Darrell Taylor

‣ FAA Commercial (Single/Multi)

📍   United Kingdom · Greenwich Mean Time


“Very in depth. Really explained things so even I could understand not being a pilot, but with some flight training.”

– John B.

Flight Sim Enthusiast (April 30, 2022)

“Darrell is very polite, and he is a brilliant tutor. I have learned new tricks with him, and he explains the reason why we have to follow certain criteria, etc. I would highly recommend him for Boeing 737 sim training. What can I say, JUST PERFECT.”

– Govind

Flight Sim Enthusiast (July 5, 2022)

About Me

My aviation interest started when my parents bought me Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 when I was a child. I started training towards my PPL at the age of 13, went solo at 16 and qualified as a private pilot at 18. I then worked a few jobs while saving for further training and qualified as a commercial pilot and flight instructor in 2010.

I started my instructing career in France, and shortly after I was offered a job in Florida teaching European students. While doing this I trained for my FAA ratings and stayed in Florida teaching EASA and FAA students until 2018 when I decided to move back to the UK for an airline job.

I have been flying the Boeing 737 for a European airline since then. During the pandemic, with my free time, I have reignited my interest in simming, which has helped keep my SOPs current.

Certificates & Ratings

Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License 
Airplane Multi-Engine Land
Instrument Rating

EASA Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot License
Airplane Multi-Engine Land
Instrument Rating

Certified Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine Land
Instrument Instructor

Type Ratings
Boeing 737 300-900

Pilot & Instructor Experience

I have real-world instructing experience in: Cessna 150, 152, 172, Piper PA28, PA28(R), PA28(RT), Robin DR300, DR400

Additional aircraft flown as pilot: Boeing 737, Beechcraft BE76, Piper PA34, PA44

Sample Lessons

Flight Sim Experience

X-Plane 11

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


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