Aviation English Immersion Course

Flight Simulator-Based, One-On-One Intensive English Training


This course is for ab-initio flight students who are at a low level of English proficiency and want to dramatically improve their Aviation English skills before starting PPL training.

Course Objectives

After taking this course, you will:

  • Clearly understand instructions and feedback from your flight instructor while you are flying
  • Feel comfortable with basic Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication skills (both speaking and listening)
  • Have a large working vocabulary of aviation terminology and be able to converse with a native English speaker about aviation topics
  • Have basic hands-on skills of aircraft control, flying basic maneuvers, and navigation principles, which will help your real-world training proceed more smoothly
  • Be more prepared for the ICAO English Exam


  • One-on-one coaching means this training is fully interactive and allows your instructor to focus their full attention on your needs. You will have the opportunity to extensively practice English speaking and listening skills in an authentic way with a native speaker. They will target the specific areas that require the most improvement with custom-designed exercises based on the principles of deliberate practice.
  • Learn from the comfort and convenience of home
  • All sessions are fully recorded for your review. Re-watch your lessons as many times as you would like and take notes on specific points you want to ask your instructor about.
  • Your instructor will be a native English speaker with over 1000 hours of experience training pilots with limited English skills
  • Through the use of desktop flight simulation, your practice sessions will be in an immersive, fun, and practical environment. Mistakes are OK here! Unlike in an airplane, we can pause at any point where you have doubts to thoroughly explain concepts of grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure.

Structure of each session

Each coaching session will consist of 4 parts (approximately 30 minutes each):
  1. Review: Discuss any questions or doubts on topics from the prior session, and practice reviewing areas of difficulty with your instructor before moving onto the next topic.
  2. Watch and talk: Conversational practice as the instructor flies their simulator
  3. Fly and listen: Practice flying your simulator and understanding/implementing feedback from your instructor
  4. ATC practice: Practice understanding and responding to ATC communications – with your instructor and using live ATC recordings

Homework structure

After each session, you will be assigned homework that will help reinforce what was learned with your instructor. The main aspects of each homework assignment are:
  • Review the recording of the entire lesson
  • Make notes and flashcards on any difficult vocabulary, sentence structures, or pronunciations
  • Study the flashcards
  • Write down questions for the instructor


The total duration of the course is 20 hours. This is divided into 10 individual sessions (each session is 2 hours long).

We recommend scheduling the sessions over a 2 week period.



The cost is $1000 for the complete Aviation English Immersion course.

If you are interested in practicing specific topics, you can also schedule our instructors on an hourly basis.

Apply Now

If you are interested in enrolling in the intensive English course, please set up a consultation call below. During this call, we will assess your English level and determine if this course is right for you.

About Your Instructor

Jesse Ekkerd

‣ GR II Flight Instructor Rating
‣ ME Commerical Pilot License, Frozen ATPL
‣ Beechcraft 1900C/D (B190) rating

About me

I discovered aviation through flight simulators at the age of 8 and quickly developed a passion for flying. I completed my initial solo at age 15 and obtained my Private Pilot License (PPL) in high school before I was allowed to drive. After graduating, I completed my Commercial Pilot License and Instructor Rating and became the youngest flight instructor in the history of the largest flight school in Africa. I also have training on turboprop airliners such as the Beechcraft 1900.

I am a firm believer in using flight simulation as a catalyst to accelerate flight training and improve Aeronautical Decision Making skills. I believe that any pilot who wants to become a master at their craft will need to use a personal flight simulator, even if it only includes a basic joystick.

I have spent over 1,000 hours instructing English Second Language students from initial ab-initio to advanced IFR training. I have fine-tuned the unique skills necessary to provide the optimal style of instruction to these students.

Flight sim experience: X-Plane 11, Flight Simulator 2020, Flight Simulator X (FSX)

Time zone/general availability: SAST (GMT + 2) • Flexible Availability

Home airport: Cape Town International

I have real-world instructing experience in: Cessna 172S NAV III (G1000), Piper Warrior III (PA-28-161, G500)