Online Ground School

A laptop with someone receiving online ground school instruction.

Your one-stop-shop online flight instructors.

Flight Sim Coach is not just about flight simulators. With expert flight instructors located around the world, we are a one stop shop for all your remote flight instructor needs. 

Perhaps you’re preparing for your next checkride or written exam. Maybe you would like to ask questions to one of our instructors who has expertise in a specific aircraft type, region, or type of operation.  Or you would like to rehearse your ATC radio calls before your next flight lesson.

With over 10 instructors — averaging 4000 hours of experience in dozens of aircraft types — we are here to help. 

Remote ground instruction can be provided via Zoom calls or other means. No special equipment is required.

Oral Exam Prep

Practice for your next oral exam one-on-one with one or more of our instructors. Identify weak areas and ace your checkride.

Custom Online Ground Instruction & Consultations

Receive online instruction and consultations with expert Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) tailored to your specific needs.

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