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Minimum Computer Specifications

Check out our minimum system requirements table to compare the specifications needed for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
If you’re considering using MSFS on Xbox, we encourage you to read this article to understand some of the pros/cons of this platform.

Pre-Purchase Consult

If you don’t yet have a flight simulator and want some help to purchase the best software/hardware for your specific needs, don’t worry. Our flight sim setup experts can help guide you both before and after you make this important purchase.

Flight Simulation Association (FSA)

We’re pleased to be partners with Flight Simulation Association (FSA), hosts of the annual FlightSimExpo conference and tradeshow.

FSA is a community of flight simmers, pilots, and developers featuring in-person events (FlightSimExpo), guides, webinars, resources, and more. The organization promotes the use of home flight simulation for proficiency, pilot training, and—of course—fun!

Alongside additional website perks and features, the monthly FSA Captain membership includes preferred pricing and discounts from more than 30 flight simulation vendors, including Honeycomb Aeronautical, RealSimGear, Stay Level Avionix, and X-Plane!

For example, an FSA Captain could save $100 on panels from Stay Level Avionix, $50 on a RealSimGear G1000, and 20% across a wide variety of Orbx products.


RealSimGear Inc Careers and Employment in San Diego, CA | Malakye

RealSimGear is a leading seller of quality flight simulation hardware.

They offer a wide range of components to make your flight simulation experience more realistic and effective for training. You can purchase full-scale panels for avionics like the G1000, GNS 430/530, GTN 650/750, and more.

They also specialize in full cockpit simulators for Cirrus aircraft, including the Vision Jet.

Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Sporty’s is the world’s largest pilot shop, training and equipping pilots worldwide since 1961. 

In addition to selling typical pilot products, it’s a great resource for home flight sim users. They offer a wide range of popular flight simulation products and content (such as videos, articles, and webinars) to help you best utilize your simulator. 

If you want to purchase pilot/flight sim products from a reputable source with excellent customer support, Sporty’s is a great option to consider.

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