Step 1: What would you like to learn?

We specialize in tailoring custom coaching plans to fit your unique needs as a real-world pilot or flight sim enthusiast. Alternatively, you can pick a pre-packaged training course, or check out our training topics list for inspiration.

Some examples include: Flight sim jumpstart for complete beginners, private pilot/instrument rating starter pack or complete syllabi, PilotEdge/VATSIM training, oral exam practice, remote co-pilot services…and more.

Step 2: Pick a flight instructor

Pick from our growing list of highly experienced, passionate real-world flight instructors from around the globe. We recommend scheduling a free consultation to ensure that you have an excellent instructor-student match.

With over 16,000 hours of combined real-world general aviation, airline, and corporate flight experience, coupled with extensive desktop flight sim backgrounds and variety of aircraft-specific expertise, our instructors are truly passionate about helping you get the most out of your flight simulator. 

a compilation of photos of certified flight instructors

Schedule a free consult and we’ll check out your simulator setup, learn more about your goals, and answer any questions you have.

The value of remote coaching. While nothing can replace real-world flight experience, remote coaching at home offers immense value with incredible convenience. Learn more

Looking for a lower-cost option? Check out our interactive small group sessions, starting at only $25 per session.

Step 3: Decide how to pay

You can purchase an individual session with any of our instructors simply by making a booking on their calendar. To receive a discount and some additional benefits, you can also purchase a package of training hours.

Purchase links and current rates vary based on the individual flight instructor, and are provided on the Flight Instructors page. The following is an overview of our offerings:

  • Individual sessions start at $60/hour
  • The 6 hour (4 session) pack starts at $345. This includes a 15% discount versus individual sessions, and includes a video recording of each session. This is an incredibly valuable tool to debrief each lesson in detail, as many times as you want!

Buy with confidence. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied after your first lesson. 

Step 4: Schedule your coaching and get started!

Book your sessions using our streamlined online scheduling system – no back and forth emailing required. When it’s time to connect, simply click a link in your confirmation email and your instructor will be able to see your screen through Zoom screen sharing. If you’re using X-Plane, we will send you a custom-developed plugin allowing your instructor to see your control inputs remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

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