About our instructor partners

I am pleased to have partnered with several other excellent flight instructors for clients needing UK-specific coaching, improved availability, or simply to get a different instructor’s perspective. For more information, please contact us to discuss availability for consultations and coaching sessions.

David Chambers

UK-based instrument-rated flight instructor. I have no plans for an airline career and instead have made the most of my PPL, flying extensively throughout Europe and the US (California, New England, Florida, Texas). I enjoy encouraging others to venture further, leading club trips to foreign destinations and club flyouts. 

I thrive on the variety that flight instruction offers, from taking those up for their first flight, through the PPL training course and subsequently on to IFR airways procedures. 

Flight simulators offer an ideal complement to real-world experience at a much lower cost. I’ve customised my own simulator, enhancing scenery for dozens of airports on the X-Plane repository as well as tailoring and enhancing instrument panel touchscreens to match real aircraft closely. I’ve built and customised a simulator for the flying club and published several articles in magazines. I closely track the constantly changing regulations in Europe and run a popular ground school class on how to fly abroad.

Qualifications: UK CPL/IR, Flight Instructor (Unrestricted, Night), Instrument Rating Instructor

Chris Stalica

Chris is an FAA-certified flight instructor with over 20 years of experience in general aviation planes and simulators. 

He started flying in college using Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 to supplement his training. 

When not working as an engineer, you can find him at an airport or flying virtually to test his skills and for entertainment. 

A firm believer in using flight simulation to reinforce real-world flying, he enjoys teaching students at every level.

Qualifications: FAA Commercial Pilot, Single/Multi Engine Land, Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor Instrument, CE-510S Type Rating