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Hi, I am

Alan Edwards

Online Flight Instructor

Welcome to my profile! Here you can learn more about my experience and book a coaching session. I look forward to working with you soon!
I’m generally available in the afternoons/evenings and on weekdays/weekends. When I’m not on trip assignments, I can also do morning and midday appointments.
FAA CFI, CFII, MEI, CFIG, ATP, AGI/IGI, Commercial (Glider)
Private Pilot, Instrument, Gliders, Multi-Engine
Cessna Citation CE-500

Flight Sim Experience

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Elite BATD 135 • Redbird-FMX-TD2
PilotEdge • VATSIM

Certificates & Ratings


FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI, CFIG): Airplane Single Engine Land • Instrument Airplane Instrument • Airplane Multi Engine Land • Glider

FAA Ground Instructor (AGI, IGI): Advanced Ground Instructor • Instrument Ground Instructor


FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP): Airplane Multi Engine Land

FAA Commercial Pilot: Glider

Specialty operational experience: Extensive glider, banner towing, and tailwheel experience

Type Ratings

Cessna Citation CE-500

Real-World Aircraft

I have instructed in:

C152 • C172 • C182 • C206 • C210 • C310 • C414 • PA28 • PA30 • PA32 • PA44 • BE35/36 • DA40 • M20 • TL-20 • 8GCBC • SR20/22 • COL4 • BL17

I have also piloted:

PA18 • PA24 • PA25 • PA31 • PA46 • L-13 • 7GCBC • 8GCBC • J3



About Me

I am a US-based FAA-certified flight instructor with over 30 years of experience in general aviation airplanes, gliders, and simulators.

The value of flight simulation can be measured in many ways, either through the personal joy you get as just a hobbyist or the satisfaction you get through the transfer of a process into a real-world situation.

I currently work as an instructor with Professional Instrument Courses (PIC), helping pilots get their IFR ratings in a concentrated, 10-day period.

I enjoy being a part of the coaching outcome, as most educators should. Whether it’s just simulating a takeoff and landing or practicing the intricate dance between ATC, you, an approach flown to minimums with a G1000 avionics suite, and an EFB, I enjoy being a part of the outcome as much as the pilot in training!

Through simulation, we can better control your desired outcome and have fun at the same time.


“Alan is incredibly encouraging, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. His instructions are really clear and I feel like I’m making progress.”

— Season
Student Pilot

“It was great. Alan is really knowledgeable, but even more important for this format he’s really good at doing the back to back sessions like this and using the tech. I’ll be doing more with him for sure.”

— Weston F.
Instrument Rating Student

“It had been 6 weeks since my last session due to my medical leave so I was feeling rusty. Alan was very understanding and helped me pick up where I left off.”

— Tom M.
Instrument Rating Student

“Allan is amazing! i like the fact that he was there with me every step of the way. It felt like he was right there in the cockpit with me. He made me feel comfortable from the start and clearly communicated what he wanted me to do. I am sticking with him, and I believe he will be instrumental in helping me get my PPL.”

— Jenks Brutus
Student Pilot

“Alan is as close to being there with an actual CFI in reality, very quickly notices weak points and gently redirects. Nice to have someone who has been around the block.”

— Paul Ruzicka
Student Pilot

“Very helpful in navigating the simulator. Detail oriented, which I believe is a must for a pilot. I enjoyed our time and have scheduled another session.”

— Mark Osterberg
Student Pilot

“Very good experience! My first exposure to real flight training. Looking forward to working with Alan to get my virtual PPL. He is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable and patient with a new student.”

— Lee
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“I had an Oral Exam Practice lesson with Alan, great instructor! Very knowledgable guy! Will definitely be meeting with him again!”

— Dominic G.
Student Pilot

“I really like how Alan guided me through medium turns and how to land at the airport of departure. Now I can objectively evaluate my skills and I’m willing to continue flight training.”

— Nikita S.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“I am really excited about being part of Flight Sim Coach. I am just getting back into flying and training after a 10-year hiatus. Flight Sim Coach is a game-changer.

I particularly appreciate Flight Sim Coach because when I flew a decade ago, it was really difficult to become an excellent pilot, because the only way to train was to rent a plane and hire an instructor. The problem that occurred was that it was very difficult and expensive to make that happen on a regular basis- not to mention the weather! The time, weather, and expense made it almost impossible to fly on a consistent basis. So much so, that the flying community said that unless you flew for the airlines or needed to fly for work, it was unrealistic to expect to become a proficient pilot.

Flight Sim Coach changes all that. I am able to have a world-class instructor like Alan Edwards train me in my house and fly on a consistent basis. I cannot tell you how this changes the landscape of being a private pilot. I am very fired up about this and look forward to becoming an excellent pilot. Thanks for starting your company.”

— Charles Riley
Instrument Rating Student

“Alan is knowledgeable about the sim and that has been helpful to me in learning it better. Especially the shortcuts. The first session was mostly talking about communication, radios etc. which is important to me.”

— Bob R.
Student Pilot

“Alan is always well prepared and logical in his presentations. He adjusts what he presents to match my needs. Truly an excellent instructor.”

— Mark Colvin
Instrument Rating Student

My Content


Learn how to utilize a pitch + power = performance chart to get predicable performance from your aircraft.


Watch Alan input a holding pattern in both the GTN 750 and in Foreflight.


Alan’s suggestions related to autopilot awareness, CDI operation, holds, and partial panel.
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