Curtis Wheeler.
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Hi, I am

Curtis Wheeler

Online Flight Instructor

Welcome to my profile! Here you can learn more about my experience and book a coaching session. I look forward to working with you soon!
Private Pilot, Instrument, Airliners, Gliders, Multi-Engine
X-Plane, Condor
Canadair CRJ, Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Cessna Citation 550. Experimental Aircraft Authorizations in Mig-15/17, L-29, L-39 and T-33.


Flight Sim Experience

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Condor Soaring

Carenado Commander 690 • Citation 550 • Baron 58 • Reality XP avionics systems for Garmin GNS/GTN
Mach 0.1 chassis (stick and pedals) • Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant • Real Sim Gear

Certificates & Ratings


FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI, CFIG): Airplane Single Engine Land • Instrument Airplane Instrument • Airplane Multi Engine Land • Glider


FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP): Airplane Single Engine Land • Airplane Multi Engine Land

FAA Commercial Pilot: Airplane Single Engine Sea • Airplane Multi Engine Sea

Specialty operational experience: Glider, aerial firefighting, and experimental aircraft

Type Ratings

Canadair CRJ, Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Cessna Citation 550. Experimental Aircraft Authorizations in Mig-15/17, L-29, L-39 and T-33.

Real-World Aircraft

I have instructed in:

C152, C150, C172, PA-28, T-34B, BE-58, PA-28-161, A-1 Husky, 8KCAB-200, ASK-21, CE-177B, BE-35, BE-55, BE-24R, Commander 690C

I have also piloted:

Airbus A-319/320/321, CL-65 CRJ 200/700, Boeing 737-200, 737-300/400, S-3A, DC-9-30, PA-25-235/250, PA-38-112, ASW-19, Pitts S-1S, DG-400, BAe-3101, RV-6, CE-310, CE-337, Open Cirrus (glider), ASW-20, M-20J, AA-5B, G-103, PA-28-R201, Pik-20D, PA-24-250, Shinn 2150A, T-39D



I started out in Oklahoma with the usual fascination for model airplanes and all that flies. The first airplane ride I can remember was in my Dad’s Twin Bonanza. I started flying in college and became a CFI before I joined the Navy. There I was a Naval Flight Officer in the S-3A for about five years, and went on to do a total of 30 years of service in aviation acquisition.

Leveraging that experience I joined US Air as a DC-9 First Officer in 1990. I just retired from American Airlines as an A-320 Captain in Los Angeles. Now for flying work I’m in aerial firefighting using the Turbo Commander 840 and the Citation 551.

I’ve always liked instructing, but now I’m passionate about the future of aviation instruction using desktop simulators to dramatically reduce cost, enhance safety and broaden exposure to different operational scenarios and equipment.

Curtis Wheeler was very helpful. He had all the answers to my questions. Very personable and Knowledgeable. I will be using him in the future.

— Bill B.
Instrument-Rated Pilot
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