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Emerson Allen

Online Flight Instructor

Thank you for taking a look at my profile, I appreciate it!
I’m generally available all day during weekdays and most Saturday mornings.
Private Pilot, Instrument, Airliners, Sim Enthusiasts, Career Mentoring
Airbus A300; Boeing 747, 757, 767; McDonnell Douglas DC-9

Flight Sim Experience

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Just Flight Piper PA-28/28R, Rotate MD-80, SSG 747, FlightFactor 757/767
I use a MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with Logitech X52 flight controls. I also have previously used the Brunner yoke and pedals, Honeycomb Bravo, and the PFC Enhanced Avionics/Remote Instrument Console.

Certificates & Ratings


FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI): Airplane Single Engine • Instrument Airplane • Airplane Multi Engine


FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP): Airplane Multi Engine Land

FAA Commercial Pilot: Airplane Single Engine Land

Type Ratings

Airbus A300; Boeing 747, 757, 767; McDonnell Douglas DC-9

Real-World Aircraft

I have instructed in:

Piper piston singles, Piper Seneca, Aztec, Apache, Navajo, Champion Citabria, Aero Commander 560A, Beech 18-Volpar

I have also piloted:

Beech-99; Shorts Brothers SD-330; A-300; B-747; B757; B-767; DC-9; MD-80



My first flight was in a J-3 Piper Cub, with classic “Cub Yellow” fabric. I had just graduated high school, and began taking flying lessons. I continued flying during college as money allowed, and a year after graduation I was both a full-time electrical engineer and a part-time certificated flight instructor (CFI).

It turned out I enjoyed flying much more than being an engineer, so I became a full-time CFI a couple of years later. It was a wise decision for me: for the next 39 years I had the joy of each day’s work beginning at an airport, and where my office would be an airplane. Over the years, that “office” ranged from the Champion Citabria, Piper singles and twins, Aero Commander 560, Beechcraft Models 18 (Volpar) and 99, Short Brothers 330, Douglas DC-9/MD-80, Airbus 300, Boeing 757, 767, and 747.

I’ve had many superb instructors and mentors: the airplanes themselves, the weather, ground instructors, and especially – numerous civilian, military, and FAA pilots, including two that started their flying as barnstormers in the 1920s. I had enjoyable jobs that included chief instructor, charter chief pilot, and pilot examiner.

One of my life goals has been paying it forward as a CFI, and today’s general aviation simulation is the best tool pilots have ever had!!! The added convenience of working online with Flight Sim Coach is a great way for me to coach and mentor, to help others to learn and maintain skills, and to show how effective use of simulation can both teach you and help save money for flying lessons, airplane currency/checkouts, and more. It’s only limited by imagination. Welcome aboard!

“Emerson gave an excellent presentation with a wealth of tips for flight simming and flying in general. I especially appreciated his suggestions on shortening checklists to reflect cockpit flows. Emerson’s vast experience and love of flying come through clearly. I knew I was in the presence of a master.”

— Dale K.
Private Pilot

“I am new to sim, and I found Emerson’s tips very helpful for understanding the ways to use sim. His years experience as an airline pilot is very valuable to add realism to sim flying.”

— Ian
Student Pilot
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