FSC Link & Remote Instructor Station

FSC Link is a utility that allows your instructor to introduce a wide range of failures and modify weather conditions from behind the scenes.

In addition, it allows your instructor to provide simulated Air Traffic Control (ATC) services and feedback on your precise control inputs (including trim, mixture, rudder, etc.). Those parameters would otherwise not be visible to your instructor via screen sharing.

FSC Link is available as a free download for all of our clients using X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator (note: MSFS functionality is currently limited).

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Intense Scenario-Based Training

To become a safer pilot, it’s critical to practice your Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) skills in challenging situations. FSC Link helps you accomplish this.

Instead of setting “static” conditions at the beginning of your flight, your instructor can handcraft scenarios in real-time that will require you to take decisive action and make difficult decisions when you least expect.

For already-rated pilots and more advanced students, this capability helps provide the ultimate at-home scenario-based training (SBT) experience and an opportunity to practice your aeronautical decision-making (ADM) and single-pilot resource management (SRM) skills at home.

Practice situations like these—at home with an expert CFI.

Here are a few example scenarios that you can practice with our instructors via FSC Link:

A C152 performing a crosswind landing in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Changing conditions on approach

Another common cause of accidents are runway overruns. Perhaps you planned land on a short runway after the end of a long flight, but rain showers begin to move in and the 5 knot headwind you expected changes to a 5 knot tailwind. 

Will you recognize this and go around?

A C172 departing in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Emergencies on departure

Are you prepared to handle unexpected windshear on departure? Our instructors can control the winds to develop a challenging windshear scenario.

The first 60 seconds after takeoff is one of the most critical periods for engine failures in a single-engine aircraft. Do you have a plan if your engine fails at 500 ft?

VFR into IMC

One of the leading causes of fatal GA accidents in VFR flight into instrument conditions. Nobody plans for this to happen to them; a key aspect is the element of surprise. 

How will you react if your instructor incrementally starts reducing the visibility on your next flight over high terrain?

If you’re an instructor looking to use our Remote Flight Instructor Operator Station (IOS) with your own students, please contact us for more information.

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