Oral Exam Practice (FAA Private, Instrument, & Commercial Pilot)

In addition to remote flight sim coaching, our instructors offer online checkride prep sessions (via Zoom) to give you an extra edge before checkride day.

Taking a pilot checkride can be stressful. Especially the oral exam, with its huge range of potential questions. We can help you tackle this.

How? Practicing your oral exam with a different instructor will…

  • give you more confidence the first time you meet with your examiner
  • allow you to identify potential knowledge gaps that can be fixed prior to checkride time, which your CFI may have missed (it happens!)

Our online, practice oral exam service allows you to do this from the convenience of your own computer, at home.

We follow the latest Airman Certification Standards (ACS) to make the practice exam as realistic as possible, and keep questions scenario-based where practical. Learn expert tips that will make remembering the material and the checkride experience easier.

We offer easy scheduling and years of checkride experience to help you succeed.