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Remote Instruction for PIC (Professional Instrument Courses) Students

A new way to build and maintain IFR skills

At Flight Sim Coach, we help you become a safer and more proficient pilot from the comfort of home. We connect you with experienced flight instructors who provide remote instruction as you fly your home flight simulator—at any time of day, in any weather.

Our team of instructors is here to support you before and after the PIC 10-Day IFR training program and help you achieve a successful training outcome.

Start your 10-Day IFR Course with confidence

Our instructors can help you get a head start on PIC’s curriculum by having you master fundamental skills such as instrument scanning and VOR intercepting/tracking.

These are skills that new IFR students often struggle with, and which can benefit from repetitive at-home drilling with the coaching of an experienced remote instructor. All at a fraction of the cost of in-aircraft instruction.

Regardless of whether you own a flight simulator, we can provide expert support as you are studying for your FAA knowledge test–assisting with practice questions and helping ensure your full understanding of the concepts, and helping you get more familiar with EFB apps such as Foreflight.

A ILS instrument in a C172 in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
A person using a home flight simulator with a flight instructor.

Don’t have a sim yet?

No problem! We offer technical support to help you put together the ideal home simulator to match your aircraft and its avionics. We have extensive expertise in flight simulator hardware and software to help you optimize your setup.

Our unique remote instructor capabilities

Imagine being able to conduct the same type of scenario-based training that airline pilots complete, all from the comfort of home. Maybe dealing with unexpected changes in wind or visibility conditions on an approach. A possible fuel leak during cruise. Or a failure of your GPS when flying an RNAV approach.

We have developed customized software for X-Plane which allows our instructors the ability to help push your skills to the next level by creating dynamic, challenging scenarios during your remote coaching sessions.

Using the Flight Sim Coach Connect software, your instructors can control your simulator, inject failures remotely, and see your position on their radar to provide vectoring.

For more advanced students or for proficiency training after your instrument rating, this capability helps provide the ultimate at-home scenario-based training (SBT) experience and an opportunity to practice your aeronautical decision-making (ADM) and single-pilot resource management (SRM) skills at home.

A remote online flight training portal.

Our professional instructors average over 4000 hours of real-world flying experience. They are flight simulation experts who will teach you the secrets of using your sim to become a competent and safe pilot. 

They bring a wide range of expertise to your fingertips—including in aircraft such as Cirrus, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more.

One of our instructors (Alan Edwards) is even an instructor with PIC and is a great match for those preparing for the PIC program

Alan Edwards

FAA CFI, CFII, MEI, CFIG, ATP, AGI/IGI, Commercial (Glider)
Private Pilot, Instrument, Gliders, Multi-Engine
Cessna Citation CE-500
Patrick Kotyuk.

Patrick Kotyuk

Private Pilot, Instrument, Sim Enthusiasts, Tech Support
X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS)

What Our Clients Say

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    What happens if I have already passed my instrument checkride?

    First off, congratulations! While flying IFR in the real-world is critical to maintaining your proficiency in the weeks and months after your checkride, Flight Sim Coach’s services can be an invaluable supplement in between flights.

    There are many ways we can help you stay proficient. Our instructors can suggest various missions, including those conducted with live ATC services on the PilotEdge network, to help expose you to various new airspace, approach types, and unique conditions.

    You can even push your skills to the next level by learning about airliner operations from one of our airline pilot instructors – teaching you ways to apply professional pilot procedures to your own IFR flying.

    We’re glad to offer PIC graduates a 20% discount on their first session. Simply email us at for more information.

    A G1000 C172 flying in IFR conditions in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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