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G1000 Training Course (Intro)

Learn the basics of the Garmin G1000 so you can navigate with ease.


This tutorial-based course is designed for complete beginners to the G1000 system. It covers things that any pilot using the system should know.

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • How to read the instrumentation and symbology of the G1000 (PFD/MFD)
  • How to navigate using the G1000 (both with VOR and GPS)
  • How to use the communications and navigation radios
  • How to create and change flight plans
  • How to see terrain, traffic, and weather information
  • And more!

For full details and to see sample videos, please click the Syllabus tab.

How is the course taught?

The instructor utilizes both Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS) and the Garmin PC Trainer to provide a practical, hands-on introduction to the system.

The Garmin PC trainer provides the most realistic simulation of the real-world system, so it's used to explain features that are not fully modeled in MSFS.

The information will also apply to the X-Plane model of the G1000.

You are encouraged to follow along on your own simulator (whether it be X-Plane, MSFS, or the Garmin Trainer) as Nick introduces each feature.

Is this right for me?

You'll feel comfortable with this course if you already have some basic knowledge about flight instruments and navigation.

The course is suitable for:

  • Real-world student pilots (both for private pilot and instrument rating)
  • Rated pilots transitioning to the G1000 or needing a refresher of the basics
  • Flight simulation enthusiasts

Note that this course does not cover in-depth either IFR topics or the use of the autopilot. It is primarily intended for those flying VFR, or IFR pilots who want a basic introduction to the system without diving deep into instrument approaches and other IFR-specific topics.


System Intro and PFD

Get introduced to the Garmin G1000 system using MSFS and the Garmin Trainer app - and start to dive into the PFD (Primary Flight Display)

Course Intro
7 min
Meet your instructor Nick and get familiar with the course syllabus. This lesson also contains links to the official Garmin reference guides.
Flight Instruments - Part 1
4 min
Sample Video
Set up a flight in MSFS and get an overview of the G1000 system (PFD/MFD) and instruments
Flight Instruments - Part 2
6 min
Further dive into each flight instrument
Selector Knobs
4 min
How to set reference bugs for altitude and heading using the knobs on the G1000 - and why they're extremely useful
PFD Bezel
9 min
HSI options, CDI button, other softkeys, bearing pointers

MFD (Multi Function Display)

13 min
Sample Video
Knobs, softkeys, chapters/pages, AUX page, nav fields
Nearest airport function (NRST) on MFD
2 min
Access a list of the airports that are closest to you
Annunciators and Engine/Systems-Related Instruments
18 min
Annunciators, Engine instruments, Reversionary mode, Fuel totalizer

Navigation Basics

Direct To
3 min
How to fly from your current position direct to any airport, VOR, waypoint, etc.
Nearest airport function (NRST) on PFD
3 min
Includes discussion of use in emergencies and emergency philosophy


AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) and ADC (Air Data Computer)
6 min
Learn about the systems which drive the flight instruments on the G1000
System status and components + Garmin reference guide
6 min
ADC (GDC74), GRS-77 (AHRS), etc.
Kinds of Equipment List (KOEL)
3 min
Figure out which equipment can be inoperative when you fly in real life

Flight and Navigation (Part 1)

Takeoff and various symbology/features
10 min
We'll takeoff and observe various symbols and instruments useful during everyday flights, including trend vectors, the turn coordinator, VSI, direct to, heading sync
VOR Tracking
7 min
How to fly to a VOR
Station Passage and To/From Flag
3 min
Learn what the G1000 HSI shows when you pass over a VOR

Other PFD Features

2 min
Synthetic vision (SVS) and Flight Path Vector (FPV) symbology to help you fly more accurately
PFD Softkeys
5 min
Wind, and other options like OBS, ADF, transponder, and timer

Radios and Transponder

Communications and navigation radios
5 min
How to set your radios (including discussion of intercom squelch and NAVAID identification)
4 min
How to set a transponder code and mode

Navigation (Part 2)

VOR Navigation and Direct To
9 min
Intro to VOR navigation and going directly to a VOR, plus a shortcut by pushing the CRS knob. Discussion of a "tune, identify, monitor" procedure and bearing pointers.
Intercepting a radial
4 min
How to use the G1000 to intercept a radial, allowing you to navigate to/from a VOR via a specific direction.
OBS (Omni Bearing Selector) Mode
10 min
Sample Video
Make your GPS work like a VOR using the OBS mode. This lets you navigate to any waypoint via a course that you set. Covers an application to set up for the 45 degree downwind entry to a traffic pattern, and discussion of cross-track deviation.
Visual Approaches
8 min
Learn how the Visual Approach mode can help you set up for a straight in approach with advisory vertical guidance

Map and Associated Pages on MFD

MFD Map - Symbology
9 min
Airport and airspace symbols shown on the MFD map
MFD Data Bar Fields
4 min
Info such as groundspeed, track (and TRK vs DTK), etc., shown at the top of the MFD, and how to customize it
MFD and Map Intro
3 min
Overview of knobs (including range), how to declutter the map, and electronic checklists
Map - Softkeys
7 min
How to quickly add/remove info from the map (traffic, profile view, terrain, weather, etc.)
Map - Traffic Map Page
3 min
Compare the traffic page versus the info shown on nav map page and how to control which traffic is shown
Map - Terrain Proximity Page
3 min
Learn how the terrain map depicts nearby terrain and how to inhibit alerts
Map - Weather Page
6 min
NEXRAD graphics, SIGMETs/AIRMETs, winds aloft, turbulence, etc.


Airport Information
5 min
Access runway, procedure, radio frequency, and weather data for any airport
Intersection Information Page
1 min
Find detailed information about any intersection, NDB, or VOR
User Waypoints
6 min
Learn how to create a custom waypoint (such as a landmark or even your house) to which you can navigate
User Waypoints (Application)
6 min
Sample Video
Learn how Nick uses User Waypoints to do search and rescue missions

Miscellaneous MFD Features

Auxiliary (AUX) page group, data currency/expiration, and checklists
11 min
Utilities such as timers, data logging, GPS status, system setup, alert setup, various other settings, data currency, electronic checklists
Other "nearest" functions on MFD
3 min
Airports (swap frequencies, select approaches, etc.), waypoints, ARTCCs, etc.
Other MFD buttons and features
6 min
Default Map, MENU button, map setup, target altitude location (TOC/BOD)

Flight Plans, Other Features, and IFR Intro

Flight Plans
18 min
Build a flight plan from KPNS (Pensacola) to KMOB (Mobile), learn how to modify it in the air by adding or removing intermediate waypoints, airways, etc., and how to go direct to a waypoint in the flight plan
Nick's G1000 Proficiency Check
9 min
Sample Video
Learn how to "activate leg," add waypoints in between other points on your flight plan, and some other exercises to verify that you have a solid understanding of how flight planning and navigation works in the G1000
[Intro to Advanced Topic] VNAV (Vertical Navigation)
7 min
How to set an altitude target at a given point in your flight plan and use information on your PFD to fly the descent profile
Flight plan (FPL) menu
2 min
A brief overview of the other options for manipulating a flight plan
[Intro to Advanced Topic] Loading IFR procedures
11 min
A teaser intro of using the G1000 for instrument approaches; briefing and setting up approach; flying the approach down to minimums
2 min
See airport diagram information on your MFD (taxiway names, Hot Spots, etc.)
G1000 sim hardware components
3 min
A brief look at RealSimGear - a company offering realistic G1000 hardware components for your sim


Nick Marcantonio

Nick Marcantonio

FAA CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, ATP, SAFE Master CFI (through March 2025)
Happy to have been a part of Flight Sim Coach for nearly two years! I have been an FAA flight instructor since 2015, a Master CFI since 2021, and have taught private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine students. I have been using home flight simulation for my own training and to teach others since 2008, and I am proficient with technical support and software/hardware setup on a variety of platforms.
In this course, Nick will share his extensive experience using the G1000 since 2013, including over 650 flight hours with variants such as the Nav III and Nxi. His deep understanding of how to practically apply the G1000's functionalities and how to practice them using home simulation will equip you with the skills needed to utilize this powerful suite.