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Instrument Basics

Build a solid foundation in instrument scanning. Learn how to understand basic IFR clearances. Master IFR VOR/GPS and holding patterns.


This one-on-one remote coaching plan is intended for instrument rating students who have not yet started their real-world training. The intended outcome is to provide a solid foundation of the scan pattern required to fly in instrument flight conditions (including in partial panel conditions), as well as a basic understanding of IFR clearances, VOR/GPS navigation, and the ability to properly enter and fly a holding pattern.


  1. (90 mins) Basic attitude instrument flying and basic IFR clearances
  2. (90 mins) Partial panel & unusual attitudes
  3. (90 mins) VOR/GPS navigation, intercepting and tracking courses and airways
  4. (90 mins) Holding patterns (direct entry)
  5. (90 mins) Holding patterns (teardrop and parallel entry)


No syllabus sections available for this course.