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Intro to VFR ATC Communications

Eliminate “mic fright” in the airplane! Practice basic communications procedures in a relaxed environment with your remote instructor.


This one-on-one remote coaching plan is intended for pre-solo private pilot students.

It will provide an opportunity to learn and practice basic communications and airspace procedures, both with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and in uncontrolled airport environments.

Your instructor will generally act as the Air Traffic Controller, simulating radio transmissions. This allows for extensive repetition in a way that would not be possible in real life.

Depending on your progress, you will also utilize PilotEdge to practice communicating in an immersive online ATC environment. However, it is generally more productive to begin practicing “offline” with your instructor.

The ideal outcome is that you will be able to confidently make all required ATC transmissions in simple airspace. By practicing ATC phraseology on the ground, your workload and “mic fright” in the real aircraft will be reduced, allowing you to focus more of your attention on flying the aircraft.

If you have already started to cover some of these topics with your real-world instructor, don’t worry. Consider this plan a starting point. We can add/remove topics based on your specific needs. For example, if you’re training at a class C airport in real life, we can start with Class C procedures instead of Class D.

Suggested airports

  • If you have purchased the PilotEdge ZLA Coverage Area: KSBP
  • If you have purchased the PilotEdge Western US Coverage Area: KPAE


Intro to Class D airport communications
90 Minutes
Learn basic ATC communications procedures and ground operation instructions at a Class D airport
Communications in the traffic pattern
90 Minutes
Learn the procedures and ATC communications associated with flying the traffic pattern, including ways that ATC can modify a standard pattern
Traffic pattern exit/entry instructions and traffic advisories
1.5-2 Hours
Learn how to exit and enter the traffic pattern based on ATC instructions, as well as how to obtain flight following from approach and center controllers.
Uncontrolled airport operation
90 Minutes
Learn communications and collision avoidance procedures at uncontrolled airports