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Practice basic attitude instrument flying, cross-country navigation, and short/soft field takeoff/landing procedures to prepare you for the final phase of your private pilot training.


This one-on-one remote coaching plan is intended for post-solo private pilot students.


  • Session 1 (90 mins) VOR/GPS navigation
  • Session 2 (90 mins) Basic instrument maneuvers
  • Session 3 (90 mins) Short/soft field takeoff/landing procedures
  • Session 4 (3 hrs) Cross country operations, use of EFB/Foreflight, diversions

Supplementary Communications Sessions

For pilots using the PilotEdge Western US Coverage Area:

  • Session 1 (90 mins) Class C airspace operations and flight following (PDX-MMV-PDX)
  • Session 2 (90 mins) Class B airspace operations (PWT-S50-BFI)
  • Session 3 (90 mins) Class B airport operations (BFI-SEA, including a tour of the Seattle downtown skyline)
  • Session 4 (90 mins) S43-S50 with Class B transition, Mariner/Seahawk transition, land BFI


No syllabus sections available for this course.