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Learn and practice basic flight maneuvers under the supervision of an instructor to help establish proper habits from day 1


This one-on-one remote coaching plan is intended for pre-solo private pilot students.

It will provide an opportunity to learn and practice basic flight maneuvers under the supervision of an instructor to help establish proper habits from day 1. The focus is on skills that can be easily practiced during solo simulator practice and that will carry over well to the actual aircraft – including scan patterns and mental processes.

The ideal outcome is that you will be able to demonstrate these skills to your real-world instructor and be able to more quickly progress onto other training tasks.

Omitted are training tasks that are highly dependent on real aircraft feel and dynamics (including slow flight, stalls, and touchdown practice). No ATC communications are covered in this plan.

If you have already started to cover some of these topics with your real-world instructor, don’t worry. Consider this plan a starting point. We can add/remove topics based on your specific needs.

Supplemental sessions not listed in the basic syllabus below include:

  • Ground reference maneuvers: Rectangular courses, turns around a point, and S-turns across a road. Best suited for those with VR or head tracking devices.
  • Slow flight and stalls: While these cannot be fully mastered in your desktop flight simulator, we can still utilize it to help you understand and visualize the concept of angle of attack, basic stall recovery steps, and maneuver entry procedures.
  • Steep turns: We can use your simulator to help you understand and visualize the dynamics of a steep turn, and practice the associated sight pictures and instrument scans.


4 fundamentals, basic aircraft control, trimming
1.5 to 3 hours
Learn basic flight maneuvers, with a particular emphasis on proper trimming technique.
Stabilized approaches, wind drift, and crosswind approach techniques
90 Minutes
Apply your basic aircraft control skills to the concept of stabilized approaches in calm wind and crosswind conditions. Learn how to fly a basic crabbing approach.
Traffic pattern procedures
90 Minutes
Learn how to fly a rectangular traffic pattern around your home airport, both with and without wind.
Engine failure procedures
90 Minutes
Learn techniques to maneuver for a forced landing (off-airport) in the event of an engine failure, and the associated engine restart procedures.