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SIM-IR (Instrument Rating)

An intensive, immersive training experience. Complete a instrument rating syllabus and pass a simulated checkride in your sim.


Complete the full instrument rating syllabus and pass a simulated checkride to FAA standards before you even step in the real aircraft.

For real-world students & sim enthusiasts who want the absolute ultimate learning experience.

Optionally choose to complete the syllabus in an accelerated 15-day timeline with 2 hours of training per day.


Basic instrument maneuvers
Instrument checks during taxi, scanning & 4 fundamentals, finding pitch & power setting for your aircraft, standard rate turns, airspeed changes, left turning tendencies, engine instrument awareness, constant rate/airspeed climbs and descents, vertical S, S1, S2, slow flight, steep turns
Partial panel
Learn how to control the aircraft in IMC without the attitude indicator or directional gyro
Ensure you have a perfect understanding of VOR and GPS navigation (especially with reverse sensing!), develop your ability to balance your instrument scan between the primary flight instruments and the navigation instruments, and learn how to correct for wind drift.
Learn how to enter and fly a holding pattern. With the ability to quickly reposition the aircraft, we can practice this far more efficiently than you will be able to in a real aircraft. After mastering the basics, we will introduce wind of various levels to see the effect on entering and flying a hold.
Autopilot use
Learn how to use the autopilot to reduce your workload.
Learn how to brief and fly VOR, LOC, GPS, and ILS approaches
Cross country
Put it all together and fly an actual cross-country flight, preferably on an online ATC network such as PilotEdge
Emergency procedures
Practice handling various emergencies while in IMC such as electrical failures.
Instrument takeoff in 0-0 conditions
This is mostly a fun demonstration of what you DON’T want to do in the real aircraft – take off with absolutely zero visibility!
Departing and arriving uncontrolled airports
Learn how to get your clearance, what an IFR release is, and how to fly various obstacle departure procedures (ODPs) throughout the country. And don’t forget to cancel your IFR flight plan!
Circling approaches
Learn how to fly an approach to one runway, but maneuver to land on another runway after reaching “circling minimums.”