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VFR Flight Review

Maintain peak proficiency or prepare for your upcoming flight review using your home sim. Identify weak area and push your skills to the next level.


Don't wait an entire year before refreshing your skills with a CFI. Book a remote instructor to complete a simulated VFR flight review using your home flight simulator.

Our flight review can be tailored to your specific aircraft and style of flying. However, we recommend the following basic structure, in line with the FAA's recommendations:

  • Flight planning prep: Based on the type of flying you typically do, your instructor will assign a short cross-country route (30-50 miles) prior to the session. We recommend coming to your session with this flight pre-planned, or you can complete the planning with the guidance of your instructor
  • Ground Review: A review of the current general operating and flight rules set out in Part 91
  • Flight:

    • We recommend performing the flight on an ATC network (such as PilotEdge or VATSIM) for maximum immersion
    • Our FSC Link software utility will allow your instructor to set unexpected failures and weather/environmental conditions to test your skills
    • After completing the cross-country flight, if time is available, additional targeted practice exercises can be completed to help improve your skills

  • Debriefing: Learn how to utilize recording and other debrief tools within your simulator to find areas for improvement.
  • Practice plan: Get recommendations for a practice plan that will allow you to use your simulator to maintain a high level of proficiency


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