Flight Sim Tech Support

Get expert help with your flight simulator.

We can provide remote support (using screen share software) to help you set up your simulator or resolve technical issues.

Our sim support specialists are pilots/CFIs with hands-on experience with an extensive variety of sim hardware and software. This includes Honeycomb products, X-Plane, MSFS, and VR devices.

A person using a home flight simulator with a flight instructor.
For more information about our services, email us at info@flightsimcoach.com or call/text +1 917-740-7657‬.

Pre-Purchase Consult – $75 flat fee

Talk for 30 minutes with our flight simulator expert about your needs and budget. Within 24 hours after your call, you will receive a complete shopping cart of everything you need to purchase, saving you hours of research, deliberation, and stress.

Flight sim setup and tech support – $80/hour

We can help you efficiently set up and troubleshoot your flight simulator — including assisting with software/add-on installation, flight control calibration, button assignments, and more.

Flight sim setup and tech support

We can help you efficiently set up and troubleshoot your flight simulator – including assisting with software/add-on installation, flight control calibration, button assignments, and more.

Please fill out the below form and we will provide scheduling and pricing info. We can sometimes schedule a support session within 24 hours depending on your specific needs. Get in touch so we can help you fly your sim ASAP!

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    Flight sim setup and tech support (starting at $70/hr)

    We can help you efficiently set up and troubleshoot your flight simulator – including assisting with software/add-on installation, flight control calibration, button assignments, and more.

    Please fill out the form at the below link and we will provide scheduling and pricing info. We can sometimes schedule a support session within 24 hours depending on your specific needs. Get in touch so we can help you fly your sim ASAP!

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    Note: We are not associated with and we are not official services providers of any of the companies/products listed above. Our coaches provide assistance based on our years of hands-on experience with flight sim hardware/software. For official support, you are encouraged to directly contact the relevant software developer/manufacturer.


    “Nick knows X-Plane cold and instantly solved my configuration problems. He’s fast and kind, I look forward to IFR training with him.”

    — Bill Moore
    Instrument Rating Student

    “Patrick is great! He was able to help me tune my VR/MSFS2020 so that it works very smoothly. After that, we started working on working on how to set up my in-sim IFR practice. I’m glad I found Flight Sim Coach!”

    — Richard C.
    Instrument Rating Student

    “I am very pleased with what Nick was able to do to get me ready to use MSFS for my instrument training. There was a lot to do to prep my sim and he was quick and very knowledgeable on how to accomplish everything. He went down the checklist I sent and made certain we covered it all. Looking forward to starting the training with him. Highly recommend him and the company. “

    — Mike P.
    Instrument Rating Student

    “Nick was GREAT! He accomplished what Microsoft and the Geek Squad were unable to (Software Installed and working). He also configured system settings as well as yoke and quadrant… I will definitely be booking future sessions with you to continue learning the many skills required to make this a realistic, enjoyable, and rewarding hobby. Thanks again.”

    — Larry K.
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “I learned that there are ways to correct the set up parameters to make the sim respond properly to the many inputs necessary to “fly” the aircraft. And Patrick was extremely experienced, both with the computer and real flying, and was patient and helpful by pointing out where to change the set up of the program.”

    — John
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Patrick has been absolutely amazing. Extremely helpful. I was so frustrated with the sim and almost scrapped it. Level of frustration has diminished considerably. Thanks Patrick”

    — Gib Goodrich
    Instrument Rating Student

    “Loved it. My sim coach was very patient with me.

    This saved me weeks of playing around to set up the sim for training mode, not playing mode.

    Very experienced sim coach. Was able to guide me through correct settings of the hardware attached.

    Now its getting a lot easier every time I log back in.

    It really helps a lot to train on the maneuvers in between the actual flight classes. No time wasted in the air.”

    — Tarek Elawa
    Student Pilot

    “David was very personable and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the call and am very pleased with his creation of a new Air Manager panel for me. Very worthwhile and efficient use of time. I would have taken many days to even come close to figuring out what he did for me in 90 minutes, which includes explaining what he was doing and how he was doing it. Everything from choosing an instructor, to scheduling the call, to using Zoom was very easy. Glad I found this service.”

    — Ed Roberts
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Everything was perfect. From a last minute request I had that was accepted and with a smile on top of it. Patrick was very easy to understand and gave me answers to my needs on top of setting up a better graphic configuration for me. Can’t wait for the next session.”

    — Robert
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “First coaching session was fantastic!! Looking forward to many more with Nick. Excellent teacher and mentor. Incredibly patient. Superb with tech issues as well.”

    — Andrew G.
    Student Pilot

    “Patrick was exceptionally patient with me given my hearing problems, being an older senior and lack of computer knowledge. He was extremely efficient and helped correct all my issues with msfs2020 and xplane12 quickly and helped me understand the reasonings behind my issues in the process. Very grateful for his expertise and help.”

    — Frank
    Instrument Rating Student

    “Nick is awesome!! Very intelligent, extremely helpful and patient with a first time Sim Set Up. I look forward to my next lesson.”

    — Philip
    Student Pilot

    “Patrick was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable! Very responsive in preparation for the meeting, following up after the session and made me very comfortable when I asked my novice questions. I would highly recommend him.”

    — David G.
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Since this was my first time trying the service, I did not really know what to expect. Patrick was a great coach, and made the time spent enjoyable and educational. It was like talking to a friend that was not only a pilot, instructor, and tech expert, but also an enthusiast that is excited about sims, planes, and flying. As a private pilot who is just now getting into simulators to enhance my own training, I found the time and effort to sign up for session to be an excellent investment, and I look forward to another session with Patrick soon. If anything, the experience was better than I could have reasonably expected!”

    — Tim
    Instrument Rating Student

    “Phenomenal 1-hour Session with Patrick yesterday. That sesh saved me days of struggling to figure out the intricacies of configuring a sim. Patrick was super patient and professional throughout and really took the time to make sure I was set, including emailing me more info to help me continue my journey….I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your company and outstanding folks like Patrick who are part of it.”

    — Nick De Toustain
    Student Pilot

    “Patrick went above and beyond to fix my MSFS 2020 problems, don’t waist days to read forums to figure out what is wrong with your simulator, just hire flight sim coach and you’ll be good to go in no time. Thank you guys!”

    — Vasi G.
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Patrick was phenomenal! He was extremely patient in working through all the configuration issues I’d been experiencing with my new flight sim setup. Now, I’m good to go!”

    — Ray G.
    Instrument Rating Student

    “David did a great job helping with my G1000 NXi panel(s)/Air Manager/Popout Manager configurations. He’s quite knowledgeable, patient and communicates clearly. Will seek him out for future instruction.”

    — Michael M.
    Private Pilot

    “Patrick is awesome, he did everything I requested and more! Very pleased.”

    — Michael Eversman
    Student Pilot

    “I had the privilege of receiving flight instruction from David Chambers of Flight Sim Coach, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. David possesses a deep and comprehensive understanding of aircraft flying, especially regarding the G1000 and now the G5 avionics. His grasp of the subject matter is evident, and he is adept at conveying this knowledge in a way that is both insightful and easy to understand.

    In addition to learning the intricacies of these avionics, David shared invaluable tips and tricks, enhancing my flying experience and bolstering my confidence in the cockpit. More recently, I called upon his expertise to assist me in configuring 2 x G5 avionics in my Cessna 172 panel. This is the aircraft I plan to use for my upcoming check ride, and David’s assistance was instrumental in ensuring that the panel customization was carried out seamlessly.

    His proficiency in configuring this equipment is truly commendable. Not only is David a skilled flight instructor, but he also excels in customizing flight panels, making him an invaluable resource for any pilot or aspiring aviator.

    To anyone looking to gain insights into flying, customize their aircraft panels, or even seek top-tier flight training, I wholeheartedly recommend David Chambers. Thank you, David, for your impeccable service and unwavering dedication to excellence in aviation.”

    — Jeff M.
    Commercial Pilot Student

    “Patrick was very helpful and went out of his way to ensure that I was setup and ready to fly msfs and xplane 12 on my system. There were many extra pointers and additions he gave me that were valuable. It was a pleasure working with Patrick. Highly recommend him.”

    — Jamil Tejpar
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Setup worked well! Now I have to learn XPlane. Nick was great, with a lot of patience with the 3 aircraft we needed to set up. We will be working together again.”

    — Jay C.
    Sim Pilot

    “I firmly believe I have saved myself over 100 hours of frustration. Very Informational. Excellent coach.”

    — Jesse
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Patrick Kotyuk has been great. I’m old and not so great with technology, but he is a wizard with the sim and with suggestions for flying. I hope to stay with him until I have a ppl.”

    — Ed Stapleton
    Student Pilot

    “Exactly what I needed! I learned so much due to Patrick’s exceptional expertise about optimizing settings for X-Plane and MS FS2020. Patrick was very nice, knowledgeable and just a great guy. I’m upgrading my setup so will continue to take advantage of this service. Thanks Patrick and Flight Sim Coach! So grateful that Flight Sim Coach is available.”

    — Anne C.
    Sim Pilot

    “I have been so frustrated trying to set up peripherals and settings for MSFS 20 and I was about to stop using MSFS 20! However, in an hour Ben had resolved my issues and I was able to take off, fly and land single eng., single complex, twin and Citation jet !!! Ben gave me many helpful tips and resources for Sectional and IFR charts and a 1 page list of keyboard shortcuts. I highly recommend the process established by FlightsimCoach. It is well organized, staffed with highly qualified professionals well versed in Flight Sim technology. I will definitely use Ben again off additional assistance and training as needed.”

    — John T.
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Ben was amazing. Although my iMac has limitations which prevent 100% performance with X-Plane, he found a method to give me the best results possible. I will be scheduling another appointment with Ben in the next few weeks to answer any questions which arise as I continue to use the X-Plane program and my Honeycomb hardware. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

    — Al Francis
    Retired airline pilot

    “It was a great session. Ben knew exactly what to do to setup the flight sim components. Couldn’t have asked for better. Great job.”

    — James
    Student Pilot

    “Ben was worth every penny. If any X12 MacOS user is having difficulty give him a shout. You’ll be up and running in no time at all.”

    — Tony
    Commercial pilot/CFI

    “Ben was able to get all of my custom ortho scenery packs working. I have a Mac M1 and it is a little more work for Ben but he fixed everything. He also showed me how to use WED [WorldEditor]. I am now able to build my own airports, neighborhoods, Helipads etc.”

    — Jim
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Ben’s specialist knowledge of flight sims is impressive. He solved all my problems that could be solved remotely, quickly, efficiently and with enormous patience. Complex flight sims being what they are I just know that there will be problems in the future, and it is good to know Ben is out there, able to take over my screen to get things flying again.”

    — Alan H.
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Absolutely fantastic and solved many of my challenges in the time we had allotted. Great value, very much appreciate it.”

    — Michael McCauley
    Private Pilot

    “Ben was pleasant, efficient, and knowledgeable. He was able to resolve the issues I needed help with. Great experience. Thank you!”

    — Clint
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!”

    — Allen Dunn
    Private Pilot

    “WELL WORTH THE MONEY. After a brief conversation with Ben, I felt he knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish. I spent over 7 hours trying to get my system right, to no avail. Within 30 minutes, Ben had my system up and running better than I expected. Ben knew I was an actual student pilot on a Cessna 172. He configured the controls to work just as a 172 would. I don’t know how often I said “Wow!” when Ben showed me new items.”

    — James S.
    Student Pilot

    “Ben is a very knowledgeable and patient person. He quickly diagnosed the issue, which allowed me to start using my flight simulator. Thank you Ben!”

    — Salvador
    Student Pilot

    “Finally found someone that could get me up and flying again. Great that they can remotely get on your computer and get you back in the air. I appreciate it very much. If you have a problem with Flt Sim 2020 don’t hesitate to contact these folks.”

    — William
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Your program is outstanding, Ben was very punctual, friendly, and easy to understand. He obviously knows how to program computers. I appreciate the time he took with me.”

    — Gordon R.
    Flight Simulation Enthusiast

    “Ben Myburg was the answer to all of my problems with my sim. A super professional that planned out the solution to a perfect setup. The ability for a pro to get inside my sim and optimize my needs was the key.”

    — Preston Root
    Private Pilot

    “He was a great help in adjusting my system to its maximum potential, and gave me a better understanding of simulation in general, and how to advance to a more robust system when the time comes. Thank you again for your help!”

    — William M.
    Student Pilot