Replay Reviews

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Send our instructors recordings of your flying. Get expert feedback to improve.

If you don’t have time for a full coaching session, our replay review service lets you get feedback from our team of instructors on your own schedule.

This is a flexible service with no appointment/bookings required. Feedback will be delivered by email, text message, voice memo, or similar methods.

You can also use this service for general offline support—allowing you to ask your instructor questions by texting/email throughout the week.

Ways to benefit from Replay Reviews

Here are some examples of how could use this service:

  • If your instructor assigns you practice exercises for homework, and you would like to get feedback on areas for improvement before your next lesson
  • If you need help with a very specific issue and you don’t want to schedule an entire remote coaching, you can send us a recording/screenshots and we can assist. For example, if you’re having trouble maintaining altitude during steep turns, or if you notice a strange behavior while programming your GPS/FMS, we can provide insight and analysis.
  • If you’re completing one of our activities, you can complete it solo and send us a recording for us to provide feedback, critique, and suggestions.
  • If you completed a flight on an online ATC network (such as PilotEdge or VATSIM) and did not understand some complex ATC instructions, we can provide explanations.

How does it work?

There are several methods you can use to send videos to your instructor, including using software such as Loom/OBS, or the built-in recording features in your simulator. You can use whatever method you prefer. Complete instructions and suggestions will be provided upon purchasing the service.

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