Published: October 30, 2021 at 17:45 UTC
Review SimGym rules/guidelines

Departure Airport

Identifier: U42
Name: South Valley Regional Airport
Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Distance: 32 nautical miles

ETE: 19 minutes (100 knots groundspeed)

PilotEdge ATC coverage: SLC Approach

Arrival Airport

Airport identifier: KSPK
Name: Spanish Fork Municipal Airport/Woodhouse Field
Location: Spanish Fork, Utah, USA

General considerations and preflight review

  • Weight and CG: 1 passenger (180 pounds) in the front seat. Full fuel. No baggage.
  • SPK airport has an AWOS-3PT system. What does the 3PT indicate?
  • Suggested reading: AIM 7-6-6 (j) Mountain Flying
    • “All it takes to form a mountain wave is wind blowing across the range at ___ knots or better at an intersection angle of not less than ___ degrees.”
  • Suggested failure [X-Plane]:
    • If using G1000: G1000 PDF pilot-side: Set mean time until failure: 25 minutes
    • If using steam gauges: Vertical speed indicator: Set mean time until failure: 25 minutes

For VFR flights

  • Use extreme caution for the Class B airspace! There may be numerous aircraft arriving or departing SLC airport.
  • If real-world weather is IMC, then set the weather with a ceiling of 9000 ft
  • What does this symbol mean?

For IFR flights

  • If real-world weather is VMC, then set the weather to:

    • Wind layer 1: 090 at 10 from surface to 7000 MSL
    • Wind layer 2: 050 at 20 from 7000 MSL upwards
    • Cloud layer 2: 6500-8500 MSL stratus layer
  • Review the meaning of this symbol on the approach plate:

  • What does the highlighted note mean?

Other SimGym Info

Logbook submission deadline

 11:59 PM PST on November 1, 2021

Instructor-supervised group flight info

October 27, 2021 at 8 PM EDT via Discord

Flight instructor: Leigh Ehrmann