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Why We Love X-Plane? X-Plane is a stable, time-tested simulator, well-suited for both real-world flight students and sim enthusiasts.

With its focus on realistic modeling of flying characteristics, it’s a high-quality, professional-level simulation that you can use to improve you skills as a pilot.

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Our X-Plane Tips and Tricks

Paid Services We Offer

1-on-1 Coaching

Our professional instructors average over 4000 hours of real-world flying experience. They are flight simulation experts who will teach you the secrets of using your sim to become a competent and safe pilot. 

They bring a wide range of expertise to your fingertips—including in aircraft such as Cirrus, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more.

Need X-Plane Tech/Setup Support?

Did you purchase X-Plane but need help setting up your software? We can help with setting up your controls, installing add-ons, optimizing graphics, integrating your EFBs, and more. 

Our sim support specialists are pilots/CFIs who provide remote support (using screen share software) to help you set up your simulator or resolve technical issues.

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