Flight Sim Support Prep

Step 1. Download and Install AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a popular program used to provide remote support. This is how we will see and control your screen during our phone call.

If you need help doing this, please watch the tutorial video.

Step 2. Find your address

At the top of the AnyDesk program, a 9-digit address is shown. We will use this number to request permission to connect with your computer at the start of the session. 

Step 3. Send us your address

Please enter your 9-digit address below so your sim support consultant has the information needed to connect to your computer at the start of the session.

Note that even with this address, we will not be able to connect to your computer until you explicitly approve the connection request during your support call.


    • Ensure you have some free space on your hard drive! Otherwise, you may not be able to install AnyDesk or other programs needed to facilitate our technical support.
    • Ideally, try to use a wired ethernet connection instead of WiFi. Otherwise, we may not be able to view your simulator at a high enough frame rate to provide effective support.