Type of instructors we’re looking for

  • Certified flight instructor
  • Significant desktop flight simulation experience
  • Experience with at least X-Plane 11 (preferably also Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020)
  • Experience with online ATC networks (like VATSIM and PilotEdge)
  • Flexible
    • Adapting to airports around the world
    • Especially when it comes to real-world student pilots, keep the procedures you teach as generic as possible, and clearly identify things as “techniques” (your personal way of doing it) vs. “procedures” (the way something must be done by regulation, according to the manufacturer, etc.).

      We have to consider that real-world student pilots will have their own instructors and we don’t want to confuse them by imposing “our way” as the “only way”. Ask questions and try to connect your instruction to what they already know before you start teaching.

    • Teaching remotely is quite different from teaching in the real aircraft, since you generally can’t see the student’s body language, how they’re manipulating the controls, etc. This will require some time to get accustomed to.
  • Dedicated to quality and customer service
    • I’m only interested in associating with instructors who are passionate about being the best they can be and making all decisions with the student’s best interests in mind
    • High-quality customer service is critical. We are offering a premium flight simulation product, and as such, all lessons need to be well-prepared/planned before starting the session with a client.
  • Patient: While most of the clients are fairly tech-savvy, some are not, and they may need hand-holding through basic steps of setting up their simulator that might be obvious to you
  • Familiarity with Zoom/screen sharing programs