ATC Comm Practice Session – Setup

General Info and Tips

  • Only available for users of X-Plane (on Windows) and MSFS.
  • You will not be able to see other aircraft during this session. If ATC informs you about another aircraft, then state “negative contact” when appropriate.
  • If you’re brand new to VFR ATC communications, consider downloading this basic script to help you get started. Ensure you have downloaded an airport diagram for the airport(s) via,, or using Foreflight.
  • Lower your sim volume. Lower your simulator volume sliders as much as possible to ensure you can clearly understand ATC/the instructor. Ensure any built-in ATC audio is disabled.
  • It’s OK to pause! Feel free to pause your simulator whenever you wish. This will let you focus 100% on any feedback from the instructor.
  • If you would like us to complete these steps for you, please email to schedule a paid support session.

Step 1. Download and Install FSC Link

Flight Sim Coach (FSC) Link is a utility that links your flight simulator to our server. This allows our instructors to see your position on a radar screen, and remotely monitor/control various sim parameters. Follow the instructions to configure your callsign and aircraft type.

Step 2. Download Discord

Download and install the desktop version of Discord, which is a program used for multiple people to share audio or screenshare simultaneously. Create an account and log in. Finally, test your microphone.

Step 3. Join the FSC Discord Server

Click the below link to join the server. Once you enter the server by clicking the yellow FSC logo, you should see a list of “channels” such as events, HD Screen Share, etc.

Step 4. Configure Discord in PTT mode

Ordinarily Discord is configured in Voice Activity mode. However, for group events, it’s better to set Push to Talk (PTT) mode, so your voice will not be transmitted until you press a keyboard/joystick button. Set up a convenient keyboard/joystick shortcut as your PTT trigger.

Step 5. RSVP

[contact-form-7 id=”25344″ title=”ATC RSVP”]

Step 6. Join the event!

To get started: Simply join the ATC Voice Channel by clicking it (as indicated by the red box in the graphic on the right). Then feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor, ask for help getting started, or if you already know what to say, simply begin making ATC calls as you would in real life!

To speak: Remember to use the PTT button that you configured in the PTT configuration step.

Frequencies and radio tuning: You are encouraged to tune your radios according to the controller you wish to speak to. You can assume that all Air Traffic Control positions are “staffed,” including clearance delivery, ground, tower, etc. However, the frequency set in your radio is not connected to Discord, and will not actually affect your ability to communicate.

Weather/ATIS: You can use whichever weather conditions you wish. A textual version of the ATIS will be made available in the text-chat Discord channel.