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“David was very personable and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the call and am very pleased with his creation of a new Air Manager panel for me. Very worthwhile and efficient use of time. I would have taken many days to even come close to figuring out what he did for me in 90 minutes, which includes explaining what he was doing and how he was doing it. Everything from choosing an instructor, to scheduling the call, to using Zoom was very easy. Glad I found this service.”

— Ed Roberts
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Everything was perfect. From a last minute request I had that was accepted and with a smile on top of it. Patrick was very easy to understand and gave me answers to my needs on top of setting up a better graphic configuration for me. Can’t wait for the next session.”

— Robert
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Patrick was knowledgeable, friendly and super helpful.”

— Ann Marie Mehlum
Sim Pilot

“First coaching session was fantastic!! Looking forward to many more with Nick. Excellent teacher and mentor. Incredibly patient. Superb with tech issues as well.”

— Andrew G.
Student Pilot

“Patrick is knowledgeable and patient. He is willing to answer any question.”

— Brian
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Nick was very patient and nice to explain the things I wanted to learn. He knew exactly what to do with my questions. The tools to do the remote training work perfectly! Keep up the good work!”

— Raymond Gilbers
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Patrick was exceptionally patient with me given my hearing problems, being an older senior and lack of computer knowledge. He was extremely efficient and helped correct all my issues with msfs2020 and xplane12 quickly and helped me understand the reasonings behind my issues in the process. Very grateful for his expertise and help.”

— Frank
Instrument Rating Student

“Nick is awesome!! Very intelligent, extremely helpful and patient with a first time Sim Set Up. I look forward to my next lesson.”

— Philip
Student Pilot

“On February of 2023 Patrick started flight sim coaching my son…Patrick has been very engaging since the first lesson and my son is very happy working with him. My son is a long way from formal flight school, but I know that he is learning very good flying habits and technical knowledge from Patrick that, I believe, will be very valuable in the future. We look forward to keep working with Patrick in the long term.”

— Salvador
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Arjun was extremely helpful, Knowledgeable and nice I will definitely work with him again.”

— Carlos P.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast