“Emerson gave an excellent presentation with a wealth of tips for flight simming and flying in general. I especially appreciated his suggestions on shortening checklists to reflect cockpit flows. Emerson’s vast experience and love of flying come through clearly. I knew I was in the presence of a master.”

— Dale K.
Private Pilot

“I am new to sim, and I found Emerson’s tips very helpful for understanding the ways to use sim. His years experience as an airline pilot is very valuable to add realism to sim flying.”

— Ian
Student Pilot

“Nick is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. His help and assistance with setting up my be flight simulator was very valuable and sincerely appreciated”

— Bill
Learjet Pilot

“Leigh is a good instructor and we’re off to a good start! Impressed with his knowledge of the Garmin 3000.”

— Bruce Lymburn
Cirrus Vision Jet pilot

“My session with Nick was an absolute pleasure! Right from the first minute, his attention to detail, speed of delivery, understanding of my unique questions, and conversation skills were fantastic. I am not an expert in flight simulation and equipment by any means, but this session has completely set me up for success and given me the confidence that I’m best maximizing my experience!”

— Luke E.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Really good session with Patrick — really helpful and he knows what he’s doing. Five stars!”

— Bruce Lymburn
Cirrus Vision Jet pilot

“Alan is incredibly encouraging, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. His instructions are really clear and I feel like I’m making progress.”

— Season
Student Pilot

“Fantastic! I was a pilot in the real world for 35 years and decided to continue to fly virtually. Nick was the first individual who had a indepth knowledge of computers plus flight simulation. Got my msfs simulator back in tip top shape! Well worth the $$”

— James Farmer
Former Pilot

“Time well spent. The information I got from Nick will safe me a ton of wasted time and frustration .
He solved or showed me how to solve the problems I was having.
Will schedule additional time in the future.”

— Grayson Evans
Flight Instructor

“Absolutely brilliant service from Nick. He sorted out the issues I was having with XPlane and Real Sim Gear and everything is working great now.”

— Jonathan Tucker
Instrument-Rated Pilot
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