“Darrell is very polite, and he is a brilliant tutor. I have learned new tricks with him, and he explains the reason why we have to follow certain criteria, etc. I would highly recommend him for Boeing 737 sim training. What can I say, JUST PERFECT.”

— Govind
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Very in-depth. Really explained things so even I could understand not being a pilot, but with some flight training.”

— John B.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“A quick note to let you know that Chris is a GREAT partner to have in this coaching enterprise. He was able to take someone that had not been in a real cockpit for over 20 yrs and was only semi-computer literate and get them programming the GL1000 and auto piloting it. The GL1000 is really a very complex device and of course four sessions only touches the surface, but it was well coached and I am able to navigate basic functions on it that result in successful flights.”

— Robert H.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“I had a great coaching session with Patrick. He is very patient; informative and very knowledgeable.“

— Jerry G.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Learning how to fly is the best thing I have ever done. Being able to meet with Patrick once a week is the second best thing I have ever done. Seriously!”

— Mary Doherty
Student Pilot

“Alan is knowledgeable about the sim and that has been helpful to me in learning it better. Especially the shortcuts. The first session was mostly talking about communication, radios etc. which is important to me.”

— Bob R.
Student Pilot

“Alan is always well prepared and logical in his presentations. He adjusts what he presents to match my needs. Truly an excellent instructor.”

— Mark Colvin
Instrument Rating Student

“Jesse is extremely knowledgeable and shows great patience in guiding me through our lessons. He explains all points and objectives clearly and also provides notes on the lesson and what we aim to achieve going forward. Jesse is a great teacher and I am enjoying our time together learning to fly.”

— David W.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Jesse is a great coach. From the initial consultation he took great steps to understand my pain points and how I was looking to improve. Once we got into the sim, it was great having him being able to expertly and efficiently identify corrections to my flight style. I would recommend Jesse to anyone who is looking to learn or improve their flying!”

— Adam H.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Jesse was awesome. Everything, from setting up my program and his instructions regarding power on stalls was amazing – a huge benefit!!! How can you get better, A+++++ in my book – I am sold, looking forward to our next session.”

— Paul R.
Student Pilot
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