“Loved it. I didn’t know that the rudder was way off till Arjun helped me and got it fixed. Got me going in the hanger and better downloads. Every time I get a session, I come to know that I barley scratched the surface of the home sim on my own. Really worth the time.”

— Tarek Elawa
Student Pilot

“High quality feedback on proper configuration and piloting skills while flying in the pattern. Nice tip on adding TrackIR to sim setup.”

— Rob K.
Student Pilot

“Nick knows X-Plane cold and instantly solved my configuration problems. He’s fast and kind, I look forward to IFR training with him.”

— Bill Moore
Instrument Rating Student

“Alan is as close to being there with an actual CFI in reality, very quickly notices weak points and gently redirects. Nice to have someone who has been around the block.”

— Paul Ruzicka
Student Pilot

“Patrick is great! He was able to help me tune my VR/MSFS2020 so that it works very smoothly. After that, we started working on working on how to set up my in-sim IFR practice. I’m glad I found Flight Sim Coach!”

— Richard C.
Instrument Rating Student

Curtis Wheeler was very helpful. He had all the answers to my questions. Very personable and Knowledgeable. I will be using him in the future.

— Bill B.
Instrument-Rated Pilot

“I am very pleased with what Nick was able to do to get me ready to use MSFS for my instrument training. There was a lot to do to prep my sim and he was quick and very knowledgeable on how to accomplish everything. He went down the checklist I sent and made certain we covered it all. Looking forward to starting the training with him. Highly recommend him and the company. “

— Mike P.
Instrument Rating Student

“Nick was GREAT! He accomplished what Microsoft and the Geek Squad were unable to (Software Installed and working). He also configured system settings as well as yoke and quadrant… I will definitely be booking future sessions with you to continue learning the many skills required to make this a realistic, enjoyable, and rewarding hobby. Thanks again.”

— Larry K.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“I learned that there are ways to correct the set up parameters to make the sim respond properly to the many inputs necessary to “fly” the aircraft. And Patrick was extremely experienced, both with the computer and real flying, and was patient and helpful by pointing out where to change the set up of the program.”

— John
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Patrick has been absolutely amazing. Extremely helpful. I was so frustrated with the sim and almost scrapped it. Level of frustration has diminished considerably. Thanks Patrick”

— Gib Goodrich
Instrument Rating Student