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“He was quite helpful and knowledgeable. He was also able to send me a couple of [Air Manager] instruments that I couldn’t find available online. Both of which he wrote which was pretty neat!”

— Pierson
Private Pilot

“I have been so frustrated trying to set up peripherals and settings for MSFS 20 and I was about to stop using MSFS 20! However, in an hour Ben had resolved my issues and I was able to take off, fly and land single eng., single complex, twin and Citation jet !!! Ben gave me many helpful tips and resources for Sectional and IFR charts and a 1 page list of keyboard shortcuts. I highly recommend the process established by FlightsimCoach. It is well organized, staffed with highly qualified professionals well versed in Flight Sim technology. I will definitely use Ben again off additional assistance and training as needed.”

— John T.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Nick has a great disposition for teaching. He is easy going, well prepared with informative material, very professional and made me feel confident about my first flight with an instructor. Thank you!”

— Jon Jackson
Student Pilot

“Amazing instructor. Loved the session. Very clear and he was equipped with tools that facilitate teaching. Looking forward to our next lesson!”

— Camil Sader
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“The ATC course was fantastic. Having it led by someone who has experience working with ATC as well as someone that participated in ATC online activities as an amateur controller was really helpful. Nick was great in teaching the course by not only covering the material that was included in the displayed presentations, but relating some of his real world experiences. Thanks to Nick and the course material, I’m at least not paralyzed at the thought of talking to ATC any longer.”

— Dale Hesser
Student Pilot

“I am totally impressed as to what a very efficient method your course is in communicating what is otherwise a complex and expensive subject to learn. The combination of Matt’s patient teaching style, enthusiasm and professional knowledge combined with the stunning quality of detail of the Toliss A319, results in a hugely valuable learning asset to the airline industry and the next generation of pilots in my view. Or just a fascinating window into the complexity of the modern airline cockpit and intricate workings and engineering philosophy, particularly relating to safety.”

— William Stoney
Retired corporate pilot

“Couldn’t be better. Excellent materials. I liked the attention to generalization versus getting lost in details.”

— Preston Root
Student Pilot

“This course was well done and covered useful topics needed to be comfortable with the software and flight controls. Everything I needed was covered. I feel well prepared as a beginner sim pilot.”

— Steve Witt
Student Pilot

“The flight sim coaching is awesome very informative and fun to learn and I am learning things that I thought I will never learn in flight sims”

— Chris
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“The course contained a wealth of information, presented in both lecture format and then the hands on application of the communications taught by actually flying the aircraft. The available recording of the course was very effective in allowing one to review the many points covered.. The presentation was given in a professional manner from instructors with very experienced backgrounds. Homework was given to enhance the overall immersion into ATC communication. The net result was a solid competency of the beginning student to be able to enter the world of ATC communication from a pilot’s perspective.”

— Tim Spencer
Flight Simulation Enthusiast