“Finally found someone that could get me up and flying again. Great that they can remotely get on your computer and get you back in the air. I appreciate it very much. If you have a problem with Flt Sim 2020 don’t hesitate to contact these folks.”

— William
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Your program is outstanding, Ben was very punctual, friendly, and easy to understand. He obviously knows how to program computers. I appreciate the time he took with me.”

— Gordon R.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Really good session. It’s so useful to have the ability to pause and discuss issues.”

— Jonathan Tucker
Private Pilot

“I had an Oral Exam Practice lesson with Alan, great instructor! Very knowledgable guy! Will definitely be meeting with him again!”

— Dominic G.
Student Pilot

“Fantastic communicator and instructor helped me do exactly what I needed to do to get started with my X-plane 12 and look forward to working with him towards my private pilot after completed 25 hours now. And then hopefully on to instrument.”

— Gus K.
Student Pilot

“I have made major breakthroughs running those drills you sent over in the past few days. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with you. I have made more progress in a few short lessons than I have in the last ten years. The best educational experience I’ve ever had.”

— Ben Juliano
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“My session with Patrick was absolutely awesome. Flying with VR in MSFS using VATSIM for controlling changed my flightsim world. As a perpetual private pilot in training, this was the most realistic experience next to the real thing. The only thing missing was the loud rumble and vibration of the engine, sensory orientation and the smell of aviation fuel.”

— Howard Rhett
Student Pilot

“I started flight training for my IR in the summer of 2020. Before getting into the cockpit I did some on line Zoom training with David. My flight training was interrupted by COVID. Then I took a break. Time flies and I realised I had to get going again and as part of that I decided to get a sim set up. I held off as I couldn’t stand the thought of all the fiddling that would be required to find all bits needed and more importantly get them all speaking to one another.

I discussed the set up with David, agreed with him all the bits and bobs needed, then I bought PC, monitors, Xplane, air manager, Reality GTN750, knobster, yoke, pedals, etc. David helped remotely setting it all up. I’m not sure I would have managed on my own. I’d most likely have given up!

Then David and I used it for IR Training via Zoom. Worked a treat. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough for anyone wanting to do the same”

— Ken B.
Instrument Rating Student

“During my PPL training, David has been coaching me using a similar set-up in the Sim as in real life. Having a real CFI along with the home simulator sessions has accelerated my learning i.e. handling of G1000, navigating, communicating in a big way. David has also helped me with the set-up of X-Plane and controls. I will continue to work with David along with my instrument rating course.”

— Wladimir L.
Private Pilot

“Very in-depth work with G1000. Jesse went step by step and any questions were welcomed.”

— John B.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast
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