“It had been 6 weeks since my last session due to my medical leave so I was feeling rusty. Alan was very understanding and helped me pick up where I left off.”

— Tom M.
Instrument Rating Student

“Great session. Matt is very smooth, and always asks if I understand and have any questions. I like that he has been simming since he was a teen and now that he flies for a major carrier, he combines his passion for the sim as well as airline operations. I recommend him highly!”

Commercial pilot/CFI

“Patrick did a great job this was my first session, I am looking forward to working with him.”

— Roger Martin
Private Pilot

“Nick Marcantonio AKA “THE WIZARD” Thank You!”

— David D.
Pilot/flight instructor

“He went over and beyond and taught me very valuable technique that made a massive difference from day 1. Went from a complete beginner to being able to hold my own, all in about an hour or so.”

— Ege
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Allan is amazing! i like the fact that he was there with me every step of the way. It felt like he was right there in the cockpit with me. He made me feel comfortable from the start and clearly communicated what he wanted me to do. I am sticking with him, and I believe he will be instrumental in helping me get my PPL.”

— Jenks Brutus
Student Pilot

“In a word, Fantastic! Nick was amazing as he is incredibly knowledgeable about all things simulator. I plan to continue asking for his guidance on the technical side as I build out my simulator. Great service.”

— Mike G.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Patrick is a great coach, friendly and knowledgeable.
Definitely made me re-engage with MSFS.
My settings were all messed up, what he accomplished in an hour would have probably taken me weeks to figure out!”

— Bas
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Nick was very knowledgeable and the time we spent together on my first encounter with FSC was extremely helpful to me as a newbie to flight sim. He presented a clear path to helping me accomplish my goals as a flight sim enthusiast and I plan to book more time with him. He is a good educator and was very encouraging throughout our session.”

— Bob G.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“The session was very helpful. I had all of my questions answered and met my goals. I have notes from the session. He was very generous with his time.”

— Marc B.
Sim Pilot
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