“Very in-depth work with G1000. Jesse went step by step and any questions were welcomed.”

— John B.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“I really like how Alan guided me through medium turns and how to land at the airport of departure. Now I can objectively evaluate my skills and I’m willing to continue flight training.”

— Nikita S.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“I am really excited about being part of Flight Sim Coach. I am just getting back into flying and training after a 10-year hiatus. Flight Sim Coach is a game-changer.

I particularly appreciate Flight Sim Coach because when I flew a decade ago, it was really difficult to become an excellent pilot, because the only way to train was to rent a plane and hire an instructor. The problem that occurred was that it was very difficult and expensive to make that happen on a regular basis- not to mention the weather! The time, weather, and expense made it almost impossible to fly on a consistent basis. So much so, that the flying community said that unless you flew for the airlines or needed to fly for work, it was unrealistic to expect to become a proficient pilot.

Flight Sim Coach changes all that. I am able to have a world-class instructor like Alan Edwards train me in my house and fly on a consistent basis. I cannot tell you how this changes the landscape of being a private pilot. I am very fired up about this and look forward to becoming an excellent pilot. Thanks for starting your company.”

— Charles Riley
Instrument Rating Student

“I had an excellent first coaching session with Jesse today. He speaks very clearly, is articulate, and was able to answer all of my questions. I am looking forward to additional coaching sessions with Jesse.”

— Frank M.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Ben Myburg was the answer to all of my problems with my sim. A super professional that planned out the solution to a perfect setup. The ability for a pro to get inside my sim and optimize my needs was the key.”

— Preston Root
Private Pilot

“He was a great help in adjusting my system to its maximum potential, and gave me a better understanding of simulation in general, and how to advance to a more robust system when the time comes. Thank you again for your help!”

— William M.
Student Pilot

“Thanks Ben, Appreciate the support! As a rookie in the flight sim world, Ben was an excellent resource to fine-tune my Windows PC and VR headset to the optimal settings. “

— Doug B.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Very informative and precise. Took the guesswork out of what I needed to advance my hardware for my Flight Sim.”

— Paul
Student Pilot

“Ben was excellent – knows his stuff and helped me identify it was my VR headset that needs an upgrade not my PC or software settings. He was first class. Many thanks.”

— Ben C.
Private Pilot

“Without Ben’s help, I could not even come close to using the full potential of the systems that were available to me. Looking forward to the challenging flights ahead.”

— Stephen K.
Private Pilot
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