“I couldn’t have asked for more from Patrick. He’s a great lad with tonnes of knowledge. He had my sim set-up configured and rolling within minutes and then took the time to explain and test and troubleshoot everything. A week later, at my next real-world PPL lesson, my instructor said the difference in my landings was night and day and he sent me for my second solo with full confidence. Thank you, Patrick. I’m sure we’ll work together again. It was a pleasure.”

— Michael Diggins
Student Pilot

“First session was fantastic. Learned more in 90 minutes with direction than I have in a month trying to figure out what I should learn and improve on [myself].”

— Clayton H.
Student Pilot

“Patrick was phenomenal! He was extremely patient in working through all the configuration issues I’d been experiencing with my new flight sim setup. Now, I’m good to go!”

— Ray G.
Instrument Rating Student

“David did a great job helping with my G1000 NXi panel(s)/Air Manager/Popout Manager configurations. He’s quite knowledgeable, patient and communicates clearly. Will seek him out for future instruction.”

— Michael M.
Private Pilot

“Patrick is awesome, he did everything I requested and more! Very pleased.”

— Michael Eversman
Student Pilot

“Great session, our instructor helped us optimize the graphics settings to get much better framerate.

Good intro to checklists and starting at the gate as well, wish we had more time!”

— Adam
Former private pilot

“I had the privilege of receiving flight instruction from David Chambers of Flight Sim Coach, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. David possesses a deep and comprehensive understanding of aircraft flying, especially regarding the G1000 and now the G5 avionics. His grasp of the subject matter is evident, and he is adept at conveying this knowledge in a way that is both insightful and easy to understand.

In addition to learning the intricacies of these avionics, David shared invaluable tips and tricks, enhancing my flying experience and bolstering my confidence in the cockpit. More recently, I called upon his expertise to assist me in configuring 2 x G5 avionics in my Cessna 172 panel. This is the aircraft I plan to use for my upcoming check ride, and David’s assistance was instrumental in ensuring that the panel customization was carried out seamlessly.

His proficiency in configuring this equipment is truly commendable. Not only is David a skilled flight instructor, but he also excels in customizing flight panels, making him an invaluable resource for any pilot or aspiring aviator.

To anyone looking to gain insights into flying, customize their aircraft panels, or even seek top-tier flight training, I wholeheartedly recommend David Chambers. Thank you, David, for your impeccable service and unwavering dedication to excellence in aviation.”

— Jeff M.
Commercial Pilot Student

“Nick is an awesome instructor and lessons have been structured exactly as wanted. His experience as a commercial pilot is invaluable. Nick has catered to my requests, some lessons being practical and others answering my theory questions. He has enabled me startup to shutdown fly a complete flight in MSFS2020 a 747 to any airport having no prior experience. Thank you!

— Adam F.
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Patrick was very helpful and went out of his way to ensure that I was setup and ready to fly msfs and xplane 12 on my system. There were many extra pointers and additions he gave me that were valuable. It was a pleasure working with Patrick. Highly recommend him.”

— Jamil Tejpar
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

“Setup worked well! Now I have to learn XPlane. Nick was great, with a lot of patience with the 3 aircraft we needed to set up. We will be working together again.”

— Jay C.
Sim Pilot
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