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Fixing Erratic Throttle Behavior in MSFS

Are you experiencing erratic or unexpected throttle behavior in Microsoft Flight Simulator, despite your physical throttle controls being correctly set? Here’s a quick fix that could solve your problem. We recently had a tech support client who reported that his…

Managing Control Sensitivity Changes

In X-Plane, if you’re adjusting the Control Sensitivity sliders for pitch, roll, or yaw, but you aren’t noticing any changes when you fly the aircraft, the problem could be that a custom Response Curve is overriding the adjustments made to…

How to View the Frame Rate in MSFS

Seeing the frame rate in FS2020 can be very useful. Having an awareness of the frame rate can help you understand how different settings and tweaks can affect the overall performance of your simulator, and identify potential deficiencies in your…

How to View Angle of Attack in X-Plane

Angle of attack is critical for pilots because it affects the lift and drag of the aircraft. If the angle of attack is too high, the airflow over the wing can become unstable and cause a condition known as a…

Refuel aircraft via a keyboard shortcut

Did you know? You can refuel your aircraft without having to go to the weight and balance menu in MSFS. Search “Repair and Refuel” in the key assignment search box and bind an unused button/key (such as Shift + Q)…

How to Align Your Heading Indicator in X-Plane

If you’re flying an aircraft with a gyro-driven heading indicator (a directional gyro), you need to ensure it is properly synced with the compass both prior to takeoff and throughout the flight. Otherwise, errors due to gyroscopic precession may result…

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